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Maximo "Max" Fuentes of Fuentes Consulting LLC to be Featured on Close Up Radio

CARMICHAEL, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 26, 2022/ -- Electrical linemen regularly work high off the ground with high-voltage electricity. Every day, these workers are at risk of falling, repetitive motion injuries, and of course electrocution.

“I believe this with my whole heart: linework is not dangerous,” says Maximo “Max” Fuentes. “It's hazardous, it has risks, but with the right training, we can eliminate the hazards.”

Fuentes is the founder of Fuentes Consulting, offering professional transmission and distribution utility consulting services, including litigation support services and expert witness testimony.

Fuentes is a retired grid assets line supervisor specializing in asset management and corrective maintenance of the transmission and distribution grid. In 1984, Fuentes was hired by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District as a pre apprentice. Over the next four years, Fuentes accumulated 8,000 hours of on-the-job training and 3 years of night school. After being promoted to journeyman lineman he spent two years, as a lead lineman and six years as line foreman running a four-man crew handling overhead and underground transmission, distribution, installations, maintenance, emergency outage restoration.

“I've been very fortunate in that the utility I worked for was very diversified. I had the ability to move around and discover new things,” says Fuentes. “I loved the teamwork and camaraderie of a crew overcoming odds.”

Eventually, Fuentes was promoted to be the supervisor of safety and training for the entire grid assets group, overseeing the training curriculum for apprentice linemen and electrical workers to climb poles, work with energized conductors using rubber gloves and hot sticks, and developing safe work procedures.

“On the crew we’re working in an insulated bucket with rubber gloves on. There is another qualified lineman standing next to me with the same training, and another qualified observer on the ground watching us,” says Fuentes. “It becomes dangerous when your training is no good, and if you don't have really good training, you shouldn't be doing this work. If you want to be number one in safety, you have to be number one in training.”

Fuentes wrote a comprehensive and detailed book on de-energizing and grounding transmission and distribution lines for worker protection. As an expert witness, Fuentes can provide reliable testimony and reports in cases relating to high voltage electrical contacts, FED-OSHA regulations for the transmission and distribution electrical industry, CAL-OSHA regulations, insurance claims and product liability.

“Most expert witnesses for electrical contact are electrical engineers,” says Fuentes. “They can comment on electrical theory and components and how electricity flows, but they have never climbed a pole, worked in the trade, and that's what these cases hinge on, the actual experience of the person.”

One of the key skills Fuentes brings to the table is his experience as a teacher. He can teach complex electrical theories for the jury and the judge in a way they can understand.

“You have to have a very strong opinion and the ability to back up what you're going to say, especially if you're going to go to a trial. it's incumbent upon the expert to be prepared to be grilled during deposition or trial,” says Max. “It’s about relaying information that's complex in a way that can be digested by a layman.”

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