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Claremont Community Creates Ripples of Kindness

International Pay It Forward Week Poster Illustrated by Robert Lane-Roberts

Keck Graduate Institute

Let's create the biggest ripple effect of kindness and generosity the world has ever seen.

There are millions of people paying it forward every day. It's the small acts of kindness that we do each day that make a huge difference in our own life and to everyone around us.”
— Dien Luu, Founder of Life Coach University

CLAREMONT, CALIFORNIA, US, April 24, 2022 / -- International Pay it Forward Week™ (IPIF Week) is April 25-29, 2022 and you’re invited to join the movement. Our ambassador for IPIF Week is Lani Kim. Growing up, she was blessed to be part of a very strong, supportive community. After moving her young family to another city, she was also blessed to find support in different ways. Much of that sense of community came from not only receiving help and support but from offering help and support to others in her community. IPIF Week is an opportunity for her to highlight many of the people who contribute to her community on a daily basis. These community members don’t do it for recognition but rather to give back and to pay it forward. These people inspire Lani and she wants to celebrate them, thank them, encourage them and to also promote a platform for their stories.

IPIF Week brings together everyone and anyone who desires to participate in being part of the ripple effect of kindness that has been passed to them. In addition, we have an opportunity to initiate our own ripple effect. There is no measurement of our acts of kindness. We work synergistically alongside one another, the ripple of one act collides into the ripple of another and the effect does not end. Collectively, we create stronger ripples of kindness and positive change.

Claremont, California is a small town at the eastern edge of Los Angeles County. We have the nickname of ‘The City of Trees & Ph.Ds’ due to the presence of the Claremont Colleges and its many local faculty and staff. For many, they think of Claremont as ‘The City of Communities & Ph.Ds’. You will get an inside look into several such communities working together to create an amazing event called PharmCamp. While the event itself is impressive, you meet the hearts and hands behind the event whose mission it is to Pay it Forward. You also meet local middle school students who were touched by the event and have made it their mission to institute their own ripple effect by paying forward their own experience. Watch the touching stories behind PharmCamp at

Our city is also known for its passion to be green. One way we do this is interacting within a Facebook group called Buy Nothing Claremont. There are three actions allowed: Give, Ask, Gratitude. Come with us and be part of our community; create your own ripple effect with a Pay It Forward (PIF) of your own then post it on FB or email it to us. We want to hear your story.

Dien Luu
Life Coach University
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Keck Graduate Institute Come Together For International Pay It Forward Week