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Dr Aida Martinez-Freeman and Max Firsau & Nick Tuzenko Interviewed by Fotis Georgiadis

Dr Aida Martinez-Freeman, CEO & Founder of Taina Coaching & Training

Dr Aida Martinez-Freeman, CEO & Founder of Taina Coaching & Training

Max Firsau and Nick Tuzenko, co-founder and Managing Director at Accel Club

Max Firsau and Nick Tuzenko, co-founder and Managing Director at Accel Club

Dr Aida Martinez-Freeman, CEO & Founder of Taina Coaching & Training. Max Firsau and Nick Tuzenko, co-founder and Managing Director at Accel Club.

Diversity will advance your company’s credibility and reputation.”
— Dr Aida Martinez-Freeman, CEO & Founder of Taina Coaching & Training

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Dr Aida Martinez-Freeman, CEO & Founder of Taina Coaching & Training
This may be obvious to you, but it is not intuitive to many people. Can you articulate to our readers five ways that increased diversity can help a company’s bottom line. (Please share a story or example for each.)

Diversity will advance your company’s credibility and reputation

While it is a no-brainer that diversifying your company can improve your company’ bottom line, the truth is that this is not a given. For companies to see the full benefit of their diversity and inclusion efforts, they must work to create a workplace culture where employees can be their authentic selves; must center the most historically excluded folks and the work environment needed for them to thrive; and accomplish the companies’ core values by aligning with the knowledge and experience of their diverse workforce. Without these strategic efforts, no business case for diversity will realize its promise. Diversity must be part of your company’s DNA.

Diversity will attract and retain better candidates to your company

A key strategy for success entails recruiting talented diverse candidates. This does mean diversifying your executive and mid-management leadership. If your most diverse workforce sits in entry level positions only, your strategy is falling short. The truth is diverse candidates bring new perspectives, knowledge and experiences that are of great value to any company. Research shows that diverse teams are more effective, creative, and productive. By default, you will attract a new pool of candidates and improve your current employee’s experience. Keep in mind that you must recruit with retention in mind. Otherwise, you will a revolving door experience for employees with Glassdoor telling your story.

Diversity expands your client reach

As noted above, diverse candidates bring with them valuable experiences and an understanding of needs from untapped client bases which satisfy the bottom line and advance your work. A diverse workforce will help pinpoint client needs, problems and how your services can resolve them. This step diversifies your client portfolio, expands industries or sectors, and grounds your cash flow. Because diverse candidates are a powerful asset, your employees should be paid commensurate with their expertise. If you do not pay equitably, another company will.

Diversity increases adaptability and positions your company for growth

By building a diverse workforce, you foster a culture of adaptability. Teams will engage with each other’s across differences, experiences, identities, and ideas. With this, they will need to adapt and create new ways of working. Once companies recognize the need to adapt their approach to various demographics and sociocultural contexts, they ensure that diversity and inclusion initiatives align with the overall growth strategy. As you increase adaptability, an investment in learning plus a thoughtful manager, can do wonders in maximizing these amazing gifts and building trust.

The full interview is available here

Max Firsau and Nick Tuzenko, co-founder and Managing Director at Accel Club
Can you tell our readers what it is about the work you’re doing that’s disruptive?

Max and Nick:

We see how quickly the e-commerce market is changing, when classic consumer goods companies are losing online space to small independent brands that provide the same or even more value for customers with their products. We are building a global tech-driven consumer products platform that will offer significant value to millions of customers across the globe by leveraging our expertise in technology, marketing, operations and supply chain.

We choose to instead focus our resources on building an A-team of data scientists, analysts, developers, supply chain specialists and marketing experts to realise the true value of the brands entrusted to us by their founders. Besides unlocking capital for these founders by acquiring their brands, we aim to further unlock the value they’ve created and build on their success to deliver value to consumers through product development, more geographical locations and platforms.

At Accel Club, we have a department dedicated to marketplace efficiency. They analyse data, develop proprietary tools and build customised dashboards using existing technologies in collaboration with marketing and operations departments to optimise sales planning, inventory, pricing, and inform on our acquisition strategy among many others. On top of that, we invest in in-house capabilities for new products and creative development. We want to pave the way forward in enabling online marketplaces to become more efficient and benefit consumers.

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