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Without Earth science, we would have no Earth Day. Learn more about Earth science and its impact on all of our lives at… (Image credit: Philip Steury, Canva Pro license)

Academic rankings site features top-ranked colleges in the field, Earth scientist interviews, controversies, books & more

DENTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2022 / -- The keys to saving our planet are education and action. For Earth Day 2022, is doing its part by focusing on environmental awareness through a comprehensive, one-stop resource for information on the field of environmental and Earth science:

Earth Science at

“Every day we hear news stories that express grave concern over our stewardship of the planet. At, we take our role in education seriously and make this information on the Earth sciences available to anyone who wants to know more. This type of education is a critical part of learning how to take better care of our planet,” says Dr. Jed Macosko, academic director of and professor of physics at Wake Forest University.

The breadth of topics covered at the link above includes:
• A definition of the Earth science discipline
• Best colleges and universities for Earth science degrees
• Best online degree programs for Earth science
• Types of Earth science degrees available
• History of the Earth science discipline
• Notable Earth scientists in history
• Top Earth scientists today, along with interviews
• Great books about Earth science
• Controversial topics in Earth science, including climate change
• Feature topics in Earth science

As noted, Dr. Macosko and student interviewer Karina Macosko conduct interviews with top Earth scientists including climatologists Michael E. Mann and John Christy, volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer, mineralogist Robert Hazen, environmental scientist Jesse Ausubel, and geologist and science historian Naomi Oreskes. These leading academics detail what’s happening in their fields today and share illuminating knowledge about Planet Earth.

Earth science is just one of 23 subject matter areas profiled in depth at the site. Each includes a comprehensive overview and the advanced academic rankings students and inquirers trust.

Why do the rankings from outperform those from other higher education ranking sites? The proprietary InfluenceRanking™ Engine—innovative machine-learning technology that measures a school’s influence through its students, faculty, staff, and alumni. By analyzing massive data sources such as Wikipedia, Crossref, and Semantic Scholar, the InfluenceRanking Engine creates a map of academic influence that provides students with reliable ranking results. See the About page for further details on the unique capabilities and advantages of this advanced technology.

“For Earth Day 2022, knowing is half the battle. By learning more about environmental and Earth science, we can lay the groundwork for the next step: taking action” says Macosko. “This is the only home we have. We could all learn how to act more responsibly toward this home. This is the idea at the heart of both Earth Day and the Earth science discipline.” is the preeminent technology-driven rankings site dedicated to students, researchers, and inquirers from high school through college and beyond, offering resources that connect learners to leaders. is a part of the EducationAccess group, a family of sites dedicated to lifelong learning and personal growth.

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