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Zero2Webmaster Announces Nonprofit Technology Training

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Zero2Webmaster creates high-impact, low-cost websites for nonprofits and small businesses.

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Zero2Webmaster serves executives of all skill levels.

Most nonprofits waste thousands of dollar annually on technology solutions that do not fulfill their communications or fundraising goals.

Zero2Webmaster Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger is a wealth of knowledge and a patient teacher.”
— Aysha Griffin, The Merriman Financial Education Foundation
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, April 26, 2022 / -- Technology education company Zero2Webmaster has announced a new program designed to assist nonprofit organizations, public charities and private foundations with their technology needs. The program is based on the precept that the leader of the organization must have basic understanding of the organization's technology, or they will end up with either the incorrect technology for the job, or it will end up under-utilized due to the leader's lack of understanding of its capabilities.

The vast majority of nonprofits (NGOs) are led by founders or executive directors with significant knowledge in how to improve the problems in the world they are tasked with solving — but little knowledge of the technologies that can most benefit their organizations.

For instance, few executive directors know how to add a webpage to their website, meaning they either rely on outside, over-priced assistance that comes days later, or they simply do not update their webpage, and important information goes un-communicated. Even fewer directors know how to choose the most effective software for their website, so that they end up with a site that actually meets their needs.

Zero2Webmaster was founded and is directed by Dr. Kerry Kriger, who learned nonprofit technology and management first hand from his 14+ years of real-world experience directing SAVE THE FROGS!, an environmental charity he founded and grew into a worldwide movement with activities in over 100 countries.

"Many NGOs pay thousands of dollars per year too much on outdated, proprietary technologies, without realizing that more powerful open-source solutions exist", says Dr. Kriger. "Nonprofits are bombarded with tech companies trying to sell them software and much of it will not integrate with the other software the nonprofit uses, resulting in an expensive mess that slows the organization down. I have developed a system in which low-cost, open-source technologies can be used to deliver the NGO more donations, volunteers and members; and deliver the NGO's supporters more education and a deeper connection with the organization."

One of the most common technological flaws of nonprofits is that they often send donors to a third-party website to accept donations. The donation pages are unbranded, ugly, and may not accept recurring donations. Alternatively, the donation page software costs hundreds of dollars per month, lacks customization options and does not integrate with any of the NGOs other technologies. The final result is decreased donations, higher expenses and more data entry for the nonprofit staff.

Zero2Webmaster's program consists of first assessing the NGOs current "stack" of technologies to determine which are over-priced, out-dated, or restrictive. The next step is to determine the best technologies to use going forward, based on the NGOs needs and capabilities. Finally, a Zero2Webmaster consultant helps the organization's staff implement the new technology and trains them in its use.

The training first focuses on the website and ensures that new visitors arriving on the site gain an instant trust for the organization simply by experiencing the professional, user-friendly, informative website — and have an increased chance of donating or providing their email address to receive future communications. This is critical as the NGO's website serves as:
(1) the primary touch point with many of the organization's prospective donors and volunteers;
(2) the potential source of significant revenues via donations, memberships and merchandise sales; and
(3) works 24/7/365 communicating with the public.

Zero2Webmaster also assists NGOs with improving their automations and volunteer management systems as well as their CRM, database, and email marketing technology.

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