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DejaOffice PC CRM - Affordable On-Premise CRM with Android and iPhone Sync

DejaOffice PC CRM

DejaOffice PC CRM

DejaOffice PC CRM is a fast and easy on-premise CRM providing better security and performance than cloud-based peers

PORTLAND, OR, USA, April 19, 2022 / -- DejaOffice continues to shake up the CRM industry by offering a standard PC-based CRM for a one-time fee. In the Covid age, businesses are hesitant to commit to monthly subscriptions. In addition, companies employing remote workers may not have a consistent personnel count. Therefore a one-time license system is preferable to paying for vacant seats monthly.

"Many business owners have observed that Cloud-Based SaaS are more expensive, slower to use, and far less secure than their traditional PC-based counterpart," says Wayland Bruns, CEO at CompanionLink. "Comparing Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Act! CRM, Maximizer or Timeslips, with their former PC-based counterpart, demonstrates that cloud solutions are more expensive, slower, and less capable than their former PC-based Apps. The worst part is that your valuable customer and sales records are completely at risk on the vendor's server. If your internet is down, or your vendor suffers a cyberattack, you are out of business until their service is restored. With an on-premise database, you are secure and have full control of your data even when your computer or phone is not connected to the internet."

Surprisingly, being on-premise does not mean giving up mobile capabilities. DejaOffice has the highest-rated phone Apps of any vendor and provides lightning-fast sync between mobile devices and your on-premise database. So you can use it to schedule field service reps, deliveries, and remote workers without ever leaving your desk and keyboard.

DejaOffice PC CRM is ideal for small businesses that want a traditional CRM for Contact Management, Multiple User Scheduling, Contact History, Deals, Email Marketing, and Task assignment. Priced at just $50 per user – a one-time charge DejaOffice has better features than leading SaaS CRM Apps. First, it is easy to use. A new staff member can pick it up and use it in just a few minutes. Second, it features full Mobile Apps that run even if your Android or iPhone is in airplane mode. While SaaS apps show a web view on a phone, DejaOffice uses stored data so you can make updates without an internet connection. DejaOffice on Android and iPhone can synchronize to onboard Contacts, show powerful Widgets, autodial your cell phone from your PC, and store incoming SMS text as Contact History. Those significant functions for the field sales team are merely a fantasy for billion-dollar CRM businesses.

On Android and iPhone, DejaOffice keeps customer data on-premise and leverages local data. It is the only current CRM application that can be used without an active internet connection. Small businesses in rural areas and big cities with patchy internet find it useful to use their CRM even when they aren't connected. DejaOffice is committed to protecting your privacy and does not share your personal information with anyone.

DejaOffice PC CRM Pro sells as a 3-user license for $199. 95 as a one-time price, which is $66 per user one-time price. Each user has a unique login id. They can schedule Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, and Notes to themselves or any other user and decide whether the record is private or public. When a Contact or Event is Private, only the logged-in user will see it. It is still synchronized to their phone but not to anyone else's device.

DejaOffice is available with a $69 RunStart setup with data transfer or a $149 Premium Support package. Both services allow a technician to log into your computer and configure it to your specifications. CompanionLink experts frequently set up your office by importing data from legacy applications. DejaOffice PC CRM is simple to set up and use. It takes less than an hour to migrate 5000 contacts and a five-user calendar.

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