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BCI Reports Dramatic Increase in Sales Reps Attaining Quota

Baker Communications, Inc.

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BCI announces impressive data on the increase in sales reps attaining quota

BCI announces an 80% increase in the number of sellers attaining quota.”
— Joe DiDonato | BCI Chief of Staff
HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2022 / -- Baker Communications, Inc. (BCI) announced data showing an 80% increase in the number of salespeople attaining quota as a result of using scientific data for hiring, training, and coaching decisions. BCI stated that the average percentage of sales reps making quota is around 43% according to statistics published by BCI attributes this huge increase in the number of sellers making their quotas to be the result of using data on individual strengths and weaknesses to quickly improve the performance of each member of the sales team.

“We’re using millions of data points to achieve a 91% predictive validity when it comes to hiring and training,” said Joe DiDonato, Chief of Staff for Baker Communications. He went on to say that if the data tells you to hire a candidate, that individual has a 92% chance of finishing in the top half of all sales performers at that company in the first year. He also added that if the data tells you not to hire an individual, and that data is ignored, 74% of those employees will leave within 6 months.

According to BCI, the reason for the 91% accuracy of the data being collected is the size of the database being used to compare people in varying job roles and industries. It now contains data from over 2.2 million salespeople, 99.9 thousand hires, in 34.3 thousand companies covering 200 industries and 150 countries.

“We use data science to help our customers build world-class sales teams. Just like a doctor uses diagnostic tools to identify illnesses, we use sales-specific diagnostic tools to identify your team members’ strengths and weaknesses," according to Walter Rogers, the CEO of Baker Communications. "We then provide individualized training and coaching solutions for each member of your team.” He went on to say that it was this unique capability that allows BCI to shorten the time to peak performance, while at the same time helping more sellers achieve their quotas.

Both Rogers and DiDonato went on to say that we’re at an important juncture where those companies that buy into the use of data science to improve hiring, onboarding, training, and coaching decisions, will have a significant advantage over those companies that continue with their current methods. BCI also pointed out that this data will be crucial when it comes to helping companies rapidly shift their selling motions in changing market conditions. Beyond competitive moves that demand a quick response, most economists are pointing to a recession in 2023. The ability to rightsize a sales team will preclude the necessity of an uncontrolled downsizing spiral. Improving seller performance, shifting the right people into hunter roles, refocusing on markets that thrive in a recession, improving profitability, and capturing more new logos are all easier when you have data to help make those decisions.

The company pointed out that some of the current practices of providing monolithic training for their teams do not produce the same results as those companies that are able to point sellers to specific topics and coaching that address each individual's, unique skill gaps. “The days of one-size-fits-all training venues are nearing an end. That type of training can only provide a superficial covering of most of the topics that a salesperson needs to do their job. Does it make any sense to have a person sit through a whole class on negotiations when they might be only having trouble reacting properly to 1 of 20 negotiation tactics?” Joe DiDonato went on to ask. “We are quickly abandoning the wasted expense of sending a person to an entire class when the only benefit might come from a 20-minute segment of that class.”

To find out more about how Baker Communications is helping their clients achieve reductions in their sales turnover rates, in addition to increases in the number of sales reps making quota, please go to to sign up for a free proof-of-value for your sales team. Some restrictions apply.


Baker Communications uses data science to help its customers build world-class sales teams. Just like a doctor uses diagnostic tools to identify illnesses, BCI uses sales-specific diagnostic tools to identify sales team members’ strengths and weaknesses. The company then provides individualized training and coaching solutions for each member of the sales team.

As one of America's most established corporate training companies, Baker Communications has helped over 1.5 million professionals reach maximum performance since 1979. Globally recognized companies and government agencies, including Amazon, SAP, and Ingersoll Rand depend on BCI to equip their employees with skills to increase market share and produce immediate results. BCI uses a data-driven sales enablement methodology to create and deliver individualized training and coaching solutions that produce measurable results, as well as significantly reduce the time to competency for sales teams. Baker Communications' solutions have been utilized and delivered worldwide, throughout Europe, South America, North America, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific.

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