Innovative and unique Performance Mask shirt is now available to the mass market

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Chicago Bears punter, Pat "Megapunt" O'Donnell, wears the FERGO Mask Shirt.

FERGO Mask Shirt worn by Pat "Megapunt" O'Donnell of the Chicago Bears

FERGO Performance Mask shirt worn by Pat O'Donnell of the Green Bay Packers

FERGO Performance Mask Shirt on Pat O'Donnell of the Green Bay Packers

Custom apparel designer brings another one-of-a-kind performance designs to the market, making the custom item accessible to everyone.

I felt it was my duty to design one. ...So that's exactly what I did.”
— McDonald Ferguson
DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, April 12, 2022 / -- The custom designer continues their full throttle charge into the major consumer retail market with their one-of-a-kind Performance Mask Shirt. Over the last few years, development and sale of shirts with integrated masks have been on the upswing. The driving force behind this wave, seems to have been Covid-19 and all of its variants. During that time, many designers have begun to produce some sort of shirt with a connected mask element. Few have produced a properly functional mask shirt, even fewer have produced a performance mask, and almost none have created a purely performance-first mask shirt with style and function occupying an equally important space.
McDonald Ferguson, Chief Designer and CEO of FERGO Apparel, noticed this missing element. "With so many people out there making gaiter style mask shirts and only one that made an honest attempt at a performance inspired mask shirt, I felt it was my duty to design one. One that outperforms every other one out there. One that is versatile enough for every job and almost every condition. One that is comfortable enough to wear all day. And one that looks great," he says. "So that's exactly what I did."

The new FERGO Performance Mask Shirt is constructed with a performance material that exceeds comfort, flexibility, compression and moisture wicking standards that are expected by the world's top athletes from the world's top brands. The mask shirt is designed with performance utility, comfort, and style at the forefront. This is not a simple gaiter shirt nor does it resemble any other low-end, low entry point mask integrated piece on the market.
The performance mask shirt was originally designed to provide athletes and every day individuals a comfortable and stylish mask shirt to elevate their fitness regimen. However, once the shirt left from the drawing board and became a reality, the nearly endless applications began to become clear.

While it is rooted in fitness and remains primarily athletic apparel, the mask shirt provides a solution to a multitude of industries, lifestyles, experiences, and uses. There is endless potential in the manufacturing industry from line worker uniforms to C-level personnel. The mask shirt fits into the automotive industry for manufacturers, mechanics, detailers, auto racing track workers, venue personnel. The mask provides quality function and style for the airplane and airline industry from the ground workers to the flight attendants, pilots, and customer facing airport employees. The mask shirt also has countless applications for Utility workers, Rescue workers, First responders, and the potential for Military and Police applications is very strong. For retail and customer facing stores that have Covid-19 mask mandates requiring employees to wear both a uniform shirt and a mask, this shirt serves both functions. Schools from elementary all the way to college still require masks, even if only on a temporary basis, can find a dual function utility - uniform and mask - in this shirt.

"This mask shirt will revolutionize the sports and uniform world. The comfort, quality, and style of our mask shirt is unmatched. This shirt is FERGO. For Every Race, Generation, and Organization," says Ferguson.
FERGO Apparel delivers, yet again, on the promise of their slogan, "Never Outdone" with the arrival of the mask shirt for the retail market.

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