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Daniel P Quinn meets FLW architecture.

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Homage to a human rights champ.

Award winning short films like SACCO & VANZETTI: BURN !!! and DEATH OF HERCULES via Sophocles need grass roots support.

JERSEY CITY, USA, April 11, 2022 / -- Another Backstage Story: Award winning short films like SACCO & VANZETTI: BURN !!! and DEATH OF HERCULES via Sophocles have beaten the odds during Covid-19 while working under quarantine in a studio apartment and Film Freeway submissions and writing 2 new books on

"Now they need grass roots support to shwcase our work, do community outreach programs in Century 21.
The downside of grants is in my experience is 3-5year cultivation process. That worked when I was younger but not really at this point. Most of the funding is already targeted. Maybe 10% of new applicants might get some money."


Death of Hercules
9 Total Submissions
3 Selections
4 Pending

60% Selection Rate

44 Total Submissions
12 Selections
15 Pending

43% Selection Rate

This is why Individual Support is so crucial. This represents 60% of our budget, while the rest is uncompensated pro-bono and/or bartered support.

Nina Berman addressed this issue with Fractured Atlas last year in a brilliant article. Old money or connections still dominates even after years of applications, with few or no results, but enormous effort again and again. We have hundreds of readers but only a few support our work.

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