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Better than sex hosting desserts night out at the VIP Room.

Kholë Terae, Ian Lantz, Bre Tiesi

Inas X wearing Mexican designer Celestial CXC Store

Celebrity stylist Aaron Gomez owner of AG Fashion Club

Christine Chiu and Johnny Wujek

René Ortiz wearing Spirt Hoods styled by AG Fashion Club

She raved about it and told us we HAD to try the Fever dessert …”
— Owner of Los Angeles location
HOLLYWOOD , CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2022 / -- Better than Sex, the exquisite dessert restaurant in Melrose had a night of sweet lure and fun hosting for AG Fashion Club crowd, headed by the fashion stylist Aaron Gomez, the models Khloë Terae, Bre Tiesi, Artist Ian Lantz, actress Keyla Wood, tv personality Christine Chiu and stylist Johnny Wujek, also join the celebration urban singers Inas X and Rene Ortiz in Hollywood, ca.

Organized and managed by Ian Lantz, Better than Sex is a place where you get a display of noir art, classic references and erotic indulgence. The concept is to sink all the senses in the pleasant moments of the atmosphere. It’s a place designed for the sweetest moments of life by a great dessert menu, coffee, wines, and cocktails, creating a full romantic experience.

With a crowd full of artist it wouldn’t miss the seal of AG Fashion Club dressing up the attendees in the room after a long weekend of styling all over Hollywood during the past Oscars events.

The most remarkable luxury fashion brands that were worn Celestial CXC Store, Spirit Hoods, Valentina Rusu, and Janette and Slade.

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