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Researcher Independently Launches ‘Dear Rest of America’ Blog Targeting Millennials, Members of Gen Z, and Their Parents

Dear Rest of America, a conservatively focused US news blog covering politics, faith, culture, and trending topics, this week officially went live.

UNITED STATES, April 5, 2022 / -- Dear Rest of America, a conservatively focused U.S.-based news blog covering everything from politics and faith to culture and trending topics, this week officially went live.

Aiming to target millennials, members of Gen Z, and their parents, Dear Rest of America is determined to challenge Americans from both sides of the political aisle by spurring important discourse. By presenting perspectives rooted in research, Dear Rest of America will host hard-hitting news-based articles that will prove integral in spreading libertarian and right-leaning ideals.

“I want to inspire readers to participate in preserving this great Republic, which is not so secretly in peril right now,” said Cameron Keegan, Founder and Owner of Dear Rest of America. “With a mostly libertarian to conservative persuasion, the blog will cover topics that are not widely discussed in the current media censoring landscape. I believe these types of forums where freedom of speech is encouraged are greatly important for this country moving forward.”

Keegan wants parents, educators, and business owners who have children or grandchildren to find the articles on the new blog as a source of encouragement and inspiration. In a digital landscape where there is hardly any argument from the conservative side of the spectrum presented to young people, Keegan is working hard to insert research into important conversations that will shape America's trajectory.

Keegan also welcomes an audience from any political persuasion and age group who are interested in learning about patriotism and polarization among young Americans.

“No one is being excluded from reading my work,” said Keegan. “I welcome everyone who is open to learning about the polarization that is splitting younger generations into two. Shunning people from reading information or formulating their own opinion is a dangerous place to be in – yet I see it’s all too rampant online today. For all those interested, I encourage you to check out the blog and subscribe today.”

Dear Rest of America is presently accessible and free to peruse. Readers are welcome to read, share, and comment on posted topics. Keegan believes, after all, that was the original intention with the founding of this Republic.

Keegan will be updating the blog weekly with new articles and informational blogs, and plans to expand the forum in the months to come.

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Dear Rest of America