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Color Us United expands "UnAmerican Express" campaign with support from other activists

Chris Rufo and others sign on to Color Us United "UnAmerican Express" campaign

UNITED STATES, March 30, 2022 / -- Last week, Color Us United launched their UnAmerican Express campaign in response to AMEX’s diversity policies. The organization cited several "divisive policies" they allege American Express enforces, including mandated CRT trainings and offering financial incentives to managers for hiring and promoting non-white employees. Last week, anti-woke activist Chris Rufo signed on to the campaign, calling AMEX “one of the worst offenders” with regard to anti-white policies.

Rufo had previously published a piece in August 2021 putting forth similar allegations to Color Us United's current campaign.

Rufo made the stakes for AMEX very clear in his recent video testimony: "Change your policies. Make an announcement. Protect your employees from racialist harassment and abuse in the workplace. And if not, organizations like Color Us United … We're going to be going after your brand identity and perception in a relentless way, so you have a final chance to do the right thing, and if not, I think you’re going to see very quickly the reputation of your company going downward in a bad direction."

In addition to Rufo, entrepreneur and political commentator Vivek Ramaswamy also came out in support of the campaign. Ramaswamy, founder of the pharmaceutical company Roivant Sciences, is also the author of "Woke, Inc.", which covers the recent growth of social justice initiatives within corporate environments. In a recent interview with Fox, Ramaswamy goes on the record to support Color Us United's campaign, saying it's "bringing the voice of the silent majority of consumers and workers back to the table."

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