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Avoid Obstacles, Solve Puzzles, And Unlock The Path In The New Game Stolen Hearts

Stolen Hearts is a 2D puzzle-platformer with 100+ levels, each of which will require thinking outside the box and skillful execution

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2022 / -- A 2D puzzle-platformer that keeps you thinking at each level. With over 100 levels to play, Stolen Hearts will force you to strategize every level carefully to collect each Stolen Heart. The artwork, the level creation, and the story all have more meaning than just a game. Developer Mr. Moo wanted to share a part of his life with each player that takes the challenge of playing through Stolen hearts.

Developer Mr. Moo decided to start working towards the dream of becoming an indie game developer in creating Stolen Hearts, available soon on Steam. Mr. Moo draws inspiration for Stolen Hearts from many other games, most notably Celeste and Towerfall Ascension. Mr. Moo loves how simple the mechanics are to pick up while still challenging the player to master them. Stolen Hearts hopes to hit a similar note with its own set of mechanics.

With several years of experience as a professional software engineer, moving into the indie game industry will be difficult, but Mr. Moo is up for the challenge. As a solo indie game developer, Mr. Moo aims to create a game that will be fun to play and fun to watch. Growing up on the N64 and GameCube, Mr. Moo loved to sit around the tv with his four siblings and play the local multiplayer minigames in games like Super Monkey Ball, Sonic Adventure Battle 2, and Pokemon Stadium. In addition to the large set of solo challenges, Stolen Hearts will include local multiplayer minigames of its own.

The inspiration did not only come from these games but also came from Mr. Moo's life. The people, the things, and the places that Mr. Moo loved are all used in the game in hopes to share those parts of his life with those who play. Gameplay is sure to challenge and frustrate but will end with a great sense of satisfaction and achievement.

The future of Stolen Hearts starts with you! Wishlist Stolen Hearts on Steam today. More information on Mr. Moo and Stolen Hearts, including gameplay, devlogs, and overviews, can be found on his YouTube channel.

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