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invenioLSI’s New GovOne Solution Provides Public Sector with Faster, Smarter SAP S/4 HANA Migrations

GovOne system enables public sector agencies to easily plan their ERP solutions, eliminating months of costly preparation and common risks

WALTHAM, MA, UNITED STATES, March 24, 2022 / -- invenioLSI, the world’s leading independent SAP consultancy and implementation partner for public sector organizations, today announced the unveiling of its new platform GovOne, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that enables the public sector to “try before they buy.” With GovOne, public sector organizations can become more efficient, more successful in their delivery, and increasingly responsive to the needs of their citizens, while avoiding common risks and delays associated with modernization. Federal, state and local governments as well as higher-education customers can see exactly what they can expect from an SAP S/4HANA system implemented by invenioLSI, without spending months doing chalkboard presentations, creating standard business rules, and developing extensions.

Governments at a Tipping Point
Governments and many government agencies are feeling the effects of COVID-19 fallout, high expectations from citizens, and an increasingly diverse range of responsibilities. In today’s fast-paced environment, governments are unable to meet objectives using disparate legacy systems – they need a new solution that will enable them to achieve their objectives cost-effectively.

Federal, state and local governments are looking to adopt SAP S/4HANA to unlock new levels of efficiency and service delivery through cloud services, better integrations, larger transaction volumes, and real-time analytics. However, the risks of change are high: bad data isn’t an option; securing stakeholder buy-in is difficult; and systems must be molded around applicable laws and regulations.

Potential adopters need to have confidence in the platform they are migrating to before they invest. Yet, complicated solutions like ERP involve many variables and stages and can be difficult to imagine exactly what the new solution will deliver, particularly at the initial stages. Agency leaders are put off by typically high implementation costs, long integration times, or complex coding demands. This is where invenioLSI GovOne makes all the difference.

GovOne to the Rescue
The GovOne system is a demonstration and reference platform that integrates pre-configured business processes to support federal, state, local, and higher education customers by pre-configuring best practices for public sector processes, such as fund accounting, budget control and grants award management, and project accounting. The system was developed by invenioLSI specialists, drawing on more than 25 years of experience delivering multiple on-time, on-budget ERP implementations to government agencies to create a new system that enables the public sector to see what their end-results will look like before it invests in building.

invenioLSI's new solution enables customers to see and touch how workflows, rules, and policies translate into the SAP S4/HANA platform, enabling them to have confidence in the capabilities of their new ERP system, and speeding up integration process, with applications built upon and customized using the GovOne prototype as a base. GovOne represents the latest in invenioLSI’s history of bringing its deep expertise and advanced technology to its clients, such as Penn State University. Implementing GovOne comes at no additional cost for invenioLSI customers.

“With GovOne, we can discard the traditional PowerPoint slides that try to illustrate a very individual concept and side-step the whiteboard diagrams that attempt to show how your SAP S/4HANA ERP will operate,” Shyam Jajodia, Executive Vice President at invenioLSI said. “By presenting a solution that has been fully configured for federal, state, and local government use and tested, we can give our customers confidence that SAP S/4HANA with invenioLSI, provides a solution that perfectly fits their public sector organization, its structure, and policies.”

GovOne deployments follow SAP’s ‘Activate’ roadmap – a 5-stage process that takes agencies from the planning and investigation stage, right through deployment and testing, to training. It works like this:

•Prepare: invenioLSI and the agencies define the governance structure for the project, developing a project charter and strategies, organizing the project logistics, and defining the project timeline, activities, and tasks.

Explore: Pinning down exactly how the platform will operate via workshops with agency subject matter experts and developing a detailed blueprint to be followed throughout implementation.

•Realize: Building off the baseline GovOne system to tailor to agency’s needs via a series of sprints to configure, test, and refine the system configuration and identify technical development items.

•Deploy: invenioLSI specialists working hand-in-hand with the agency to make the system, the data, and the end-users ready for live operations.

•Run: Users begin accessing the system, with invenioLSI consultants monitoring activity to identify challenges, working to overcome these challenges and restore or maintain the stability of business operations.

To discover more about how GovOne can help public sector organizations understand how SAP S/4HANA can be used to manage operations, processes and policies, visit our website at

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