Lander is a game-changer for hiring managers and job hunters

Lander is a game-changer for hiring managers and job hunters

Lander is a game-changer for hiring managers and job hunters

Scoring a new gig is faster and easier with Lander’s new and innovative job search and hiring platform

The cool thing about Lander is that candidates are going to have a competitive advantage over other job search platforms.”
— Kassem Hamad, Lander Founder
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2022 / -- Except for those few among us who were looking for work during the Great Depression, there are tens-of-millions-of-people who recently experienced the greatest upheaval in the employment market in a generation.

When the pandemic hit – unless employees were deemed an “essential worker” – many faced lay-offs as businesses in a number of industries were forced to shut their doors, or restructure altogether.

People whose jobs were affected by the pandemic found themselves in a very tough spot because finding a job during lockdowns became next to impossible, and people who have worked their entire lives found themselves collecting jobless benefits for the first time ever.

Now, as the world seems to have a handle on combatting the global pandemic, and most businesses are beginning to open back up, online job search platforms are being hit with a tidal wave of job hunters.

And if job-seekers happen to be part of that tidal wave, they know all too well how maddening it can be. Well, out of pure frustration and a burning desire to fix a huge problem that exists with every online job search platform, Kassem Hamad founded Lander, which will dramatically change how job candidates secure the job they want, and how efficient it will be for hiring managers to hire candidates.

“The cool thing about Lander is that candidates are going to have a competitive advantage over other job search platforms,” says Hamad, who is an entrepreneur based in Manassas City, Virginia.

The problem Hamad noticed was the complete lack of organization on current and popular job search platforms. The way the present and outdated platforms work means that a job seeker needs to submit their resume to each individual job posting that interests them, out of the hundreds that show up that might not even interest them at all.

“Why not create organized platforms on the platform itself, where candidates can just submit their profiles into specific industries and the specific positions within those job pools?” asks Hamad.

This is where Lander comes in to save the day for any professional looking for a new career adventure. Lander makes the process streamlined and simple by allowing job applicants to submit their resume, and even a 30 second video, under the specific job position they are looking for, in the specific industry they wish to work in. And that’s it! No need to submit hundreds of resumes to specific employers because the candidate's resume and profile are loaded under the specific job pool they have chosen.

The new platform is a win-win for job hunters and employers too. Employers benefit enormously by being able to interview the qualified applicants they are looking to hire with the click of a button.

“A hiring manager clicks on a main business tab. They then see a drop-down listing to the job pools where multiple candidates have submitted their profiles. Now the hiring manager and candidates can connect on a level that’s deeper than a piece of paper. You get noticed for being you and employers can feel confident that their potential candidate will fit company culture,” adds Hamad.

For employers needing to fill specific positions within their specific industry, they have a pool of resumes, and even short videos from qualified applicants to review, which helps to quickly narrow down how many interviews will be necessary, thus making the hiring process much faster.

Lander will obviously offer tremendous benefit to employers needing to hire, saving precious time and resources. But the real winner with Lander is the job seeker, by getting them the job they actually want fast, and efficiently, along with the competitive advantage which they gain with the 30-second video.

Lander does the work for job-hunters so that they “land” their next big gig soon. Visit them online today:

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