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Inspira Liberdade, Lisbon Portugal

From day one, Inspira Liberdade has been a very proud green, city hotel, and even though 10 years have passed, they still want to achieve more every year.

Inspira Liberdade is just the first hotel of the Inspira Hotels Group. Two new projects are growing, and a new hotel will open until the end of 2022 in Lisbon.”
— Executive Board Member, Paulo Moura
SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2022 / -- Green Globe has recently recertified Inspira Liberdade and in acknowledging its 10 consecutive years of sustainable management, has recognized this Lisbon establishment as a Platinum Green Globe™ certified hotel.

From day one, Inspira Liberdade has been very proud of being a green, city hotel, and even though 10 years have passed, they still want to achieve more every year. From ending the use plastic straws, from using only glass water bottles, from planting trees in the community, they have done it all - and still do. Inspira Liberdade has been walking the talk for over a decade and have more than the basics covered.

The adoption of sustainable practices has always been a concern for the Inspira brand since its hotel opening in 2010.

In the past year, Inspira Liberdade has focused on replacing old lights with LED technology, investing in electric mobility (cars and bikes) and supporting many non-profit institutions through donations, time and resources. Today they continue to reduce the property’s overall footprint as well as engaging clients and the Inspira team.

Power stations for electric cars
Inspira has continued to invest in electric mobility, with installation of two new chargers for electric vehicles in the public car park and expanding the number of spots reserved exclusively for green vehicles. The hotel is also encouraging external and internal customers as well as hotel staff to purchase of green energy, generated by renewable sources.

Parking places and chargers for electric bikes.
To reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable transportation, Inspira Liberdade have exclusive parking for bikes available for all clients, guests and staff. The parking is adapted for both regular bikes and electric bikes. Guests can discover Lisbon by cycling and come back to the dedicated parking spaces.

Sustainable initiatives for guests
General Manager, Tiago Pereira says, “Our guests play a fundamental role in the successful implementation of all these sustainable actions, and it is our mission to promote and raise awareness regarding behavioral changes.”

With their stay, Inspira guests can support social endeavors, participate in internal initiatives, and contribute €0.20 (included in their rate) to support carbon offset projects. These projects combat climate change, and the contribution offsets part of their travel and accommodation carbon footprint.

In 2019, Inspira offset its 2018 carbon footprint of 128 ton CO2e, by cleaning and reforesting 0.5ha of forest. This area in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park was planted with 160 indigenous tree species, which granted the hotel a carbon neutral status for the previous year.

This carbon neutral project, along with others being developed, gathers together the hotel team and guests, as well as partners with whom they collaborate to find new options and solutions to keep reducing consumption, optimizing resources, and reducing carbon pollution.

LED technology
In continuation of the program of replacing light bulbs with LED, the past year was focused on upgrading emergency lights with LED technology.

We Care, We Share - HOSPES program by AHP
The partnership with the HOSPES Program - Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability Program, sponsored by AHP (Portuguese Hotels Association), aims to recognise hotels that contribute to the sustainable development of Portugal.
Sustainability & Development Manager, Patrícia Marques says, “Through the partnership in this program and from the beginning, Inspira was awarded several ‘We Care’ and ‘We Share’ awards over the years. These awards were achieved by participating in environmental and social responsibility initiatives, for example by donating materials not suitable for guest use, such as furniture, kitchen equipment, electronic equipment, linen, tableware, among others, to organisations dedicated to social action that need them.”
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About Inspira Liberdade
Inspira Liberdade Boutique Hotel is a four-star Sustainable Boutique Hotel, located in the center of Lisbon, Portugal.

Opened in 2010, the hotel has always aimed to reduce and promote the efficient use of natural resources; therefore, reducing its carbon footprint has always been a priority and since 2010, offsetting the carbon footprint of customers that stayed in the hotel. The creation of an ecologically sustainable and innovative hotel concept in Portugal was the main motivation to grow this project with sustainability at its base and as a cross value of the entire project.
The strategy has always been to balance social, environmental, and economic aspects, considering the value chain and actively involving all our partners in the implementation of alternative solutions, which could favor the environment and the community, without neglecting the quality of products, services, and experiences to our customers.

The main goals of this project are the adoption and promotion of more sustainable practices through good management of natural resources, thus reducing the impact of its activity on the environment by implementing sustainability policies across the entire operation and offering a differentiating well-being experience. This happens by raising awareness of the behavioral changes needed, by valuing and publicizing cultural, natural, and historical heritage, promoting the importance of their conservation, and looking for commitment in the local community.

Involving customers, staff, and partners in this whole process of improvement and innovation is essential. Not just relying on technology to contribute to the evolution, but also the people. Our customers and our team through their daily actions and permanent commitment are the key for our success. Consequently, our actions are extended to the local community and our motto "Doing the right thing" is the perfect reflection of that involvement.

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Future Plans
Executive Board Member, Paulo Moura, says “Inspira Liberdade is just the first hotel of the Inspira Hotels Group. Two new projects are growing, and a new hotel will open until the end of 2022 in Lisbon. A third property is in planning and will open in the following year. Sustainability being a fundamental pillar of Inspira Hotels, the entire concept and know-how is being well applied throughout the development of these new projects. Beginning with the rehabilitation of the buildings, both with historical relevance, as well as with the choice and reuse of materials and technology, without disregarding the environment, the local community and the important role of the clients and the Inspira Teams, for the success of these important sustainability goals, for the future of the planet and the next generations”.


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