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ImpriMed AI and machine learning is disrupting the veterinary oncology tools available for better treatment outcomes

PALO ALTO, CA, UNITED STATES, March 21, 2022 / -- ImpriMed, Inc., a leading veterinary precision medicine startup, is pleased to announce that their second paper, “Predicting Dynamic Clinical Outcomes of Chemotherapy for Canine Lymphoma Patients using a Machine Learning Model,” was published in Veterinary Sciences in December, 2021. The paper outlines a methodology for predicting the effects of the first-line chemotherapy on dogs using an advanced machine learning model.
First-line treatments for cancer don’t always work, and even when they do, they cure the disease at unequal rates, owing to the biological and clinical differences between patients. By accurately predicting the clinical outcomes of various treatments, however, doctors can speed up the process of prescribing effective therapies for cancer patients.

The ImpriMed study used data from 242 dogs with canine lymphoma to train a machine learning model that can predict clinical outcome of L-CHOP chemotherapy. Using information consisting of the drug sensitivity of each dog’s cancer cells, immunophenotyping results, and baseline characteristics such as age and breed, the model can estimate the probability of achieving remission by the chemotherapy as well as duration of the survival.

“We believe that the proposed methodology can contribute to improving and personalizing the care of cancer patients,” said Dr. Jamin Koo, Director and co-founder of ImpriMed.

ImpriMed is the only veterinary medicine company that offers AI-driven prediction for dogs via a live-cancer-cell analysis for individual patients. The company started its journey by focusing on canine blood cancers (lymphoma/leukemia) and plans to expand its services to new cancers and new species in the future.

“We are saving dogs from cancer and helping them live a longer life with their human parents,” said Dr. Koo. “We will save the pet parents next.”

About ImpriMed:
ImpriMed provides cutting-edge personalized medicine easily accessible for pets with blood cancer diseases. ImpriMed’s key product, the Personalized Prediction Profile has been used by board-certified veterinary oncologists, helping over 2,600 dogs with lymphoma and leukemia. With ImpriMed services, veterinarians make their treatment decisions more quickly with greater confidence. The innovative approach to cancer care has been published in two [2] scientific journals and ImpriMed’s data continues to be presented at major conferences annually. ImpriMed services are supported by over 200 veterinary oncologists at 130+ specialty hospitals in the US. ImpriMed has raised over $12 million from leading venture capital firms to advance its mission to provide precision medicine for pet cancer care to all. For more information on the company please visit ImpriMed and direct all media inquiries to Sonia Awan, PR for ImpriMed at or visit

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