Identify with the mind and with it heal the brain.

use the Brain and Mind to Improve Each Other.

Are you your pure self or your phony self-image?

Use your mind/'I' to heal your brain.

Brain education is about actualizing your full emotional health power.

Wisdom education is brain cleaning education.

Practically all arms races have ended in wars. The latest arms race will be no different. All steps must be taken to end the arms races taking place everywhere.

The Ukraine war has accelerated the arms race. It will bring World War 111 sooner. Steps need to be taken to completely stop the arms race. Even the Korean arms race will most likely lead to war.”
— Sajid Khan
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, USA, March 12, 2022 / -- The world is becoming more tribal. Tribal and country differences are creating a shift away from peace, prosperity, and good relationships to guaranteed war, destruction, pain, and suffering.

There have been 2000 arms races throughout history, and only 16 did not lead to war. The current energized arms race statistically will result, given the latest arms race, between Russia and the West to World War 111. There is still time to step back.

In war, there are no winners. There will always be huge losses on both sides. Even the current sanctions against Russia will result in a significant loss to the West. It will shrink the range of the dollar even further.

The Ukraine crisis is a significant victory for China and a big loss for the world. The primary war against the world is on the economic front for China. The current Ukraine war has created a gigantic financial hole for the West, and China is bound to fill the vacuum.

One of the leading Chinese goals is to knock the US dollar off as the international currency. By removing Russia from SWIFT, the dollar's base is further shrunk. It is resulting in a big blow to the dollar.

It would have been better if Ukraine and the West had agreed to keep Ukraine out of NATO. Now they are considering letting Finland and Sweeden into NATO. This move will further expand the war and make the crisis worse.

China's PPP GDP is already bigger than America's, and now even the regular GDP will get a considerable boost and push China's regular GDP ahead of America's.
Nuclear war breaking out is a distinct possibility despite what the experts say if history is any guide. There have been 2000 arms races throughout history, and only 16 did not result in war. If world leaders think that the nuclear arms race will be an exception, They better examine their expertise.

America better wakes up. America is no longer the #1 economic superpower. China's economic power is in much better shape, and this sanction's business around the world will be exploited by China and make it race ahead of America.

The UN's goal is to create peace. Peace is an attribute of wisdom. Peace is a fragrance of wisdom, and a fragrance cannot be created on its own. It is the plant that has to be nurtured. The focus has to shift to making the world emotionally healthy to create peace. As it is emotional health that generates wisdom.

Just one precise step will create wisdom. The selfless self-image for individuals and a selfless group image for countries and tribes will create a wise world.

Creating a tribeless world must become the UN's and world leader's #1 priority.

Biden has assembled a team that has put its heart and soul into solving the multiple problems facing America. Every one of these problems has a fundamental cause that is under the radar screen of Biden and his team. His team looks at the symptoms of the problems and tries to address the symptoms. It is like trying to get rid of the heat and smoke instead of addressing the fire. No wonder nothing changes.

Every crisis America is trapped in is emotionally challenged behavior stemming from emotionally challenged brains. Emotionally challenged brains are responsible for the mess in health, mental health, intelligence, emotional intelligence, education, relationships, tribalism, crime, social standards, prosperity, happiness, peace, etc.  

The mother of all problems is that our experts have yet to define the mind clearly. They lump the mind that generates professional expertise and the brain that generates emotional health as just the mind when these are separate. Thus all the focus is on mind education; brain education is ignored and is also miseducated. Resulting in emotionally challenged brains that cause all these ills of society. 

America and the world need a whole new brain education industry. Brain education creates emotional health that generates wisdom. Lack of wisdom is the world's #1 crisis. Unless Biden goes all out for creating a wise America, nothing will change. Wisdom needs to be injected into every sector of life. It is sad and frustrating that every forum is ignoring and, even worse, is unaware of the emotional health crisis that the world is trapped in. Imagine Microsoft Foundation spends billions of dollars a year on health, yet even their agenda has zero provision for emotional health! No wonder the so-called normal society is subnormal. Just imagine the difference Biden and the UN will make when they takes steps to change the world from subnormal to supernormal.

Emotional health is the foundation of wisdom, intelligence, education, social standards, happiness, peace, sanity, prosperity, health, etc. It is the power behind every sector of life. Yet even an institution like the Nobel Prize Team has ignored emotional health. Why has there not been a single lecture on emotional health by them? Just imagine if Biden establishes Wisdom/Emotional Health/Brain/Well-Being Hospitals and Departments!

The world must realize that wisdom is a tree whose attributes are the fruit. At every forum, the brilliant innovative thought leaders all promote one or more attributes of wisdom. They try to create fruit instead of cultivating the wisdom tree. It is the same story at the UN, Nobel Prize, Davos, etc.

Again at every forum, the experts try to change the mindset. The mind is a fragrance of the brain. To change the mind, the brain has to be changed/healed. There are 40,000 books on happiness, yet not one teaches pure happiness. All these books try to teach the mind happiness, but what can the mind do when the brain is wired to generate unhappiness? So what we need is to change the Brainset! One of the benefits of this idea is that Mindfulness is a 55 billion dollar industry. Biden has the opportunity to create an equally powerful Brainfulness industry.


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