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Diamanti Granted Ten Patents to Expand Kubernetes Access Abroad and to SMBs

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Kubernetes lifecycle management platform has been granted international patents and has four more pending to unlock future of containerized infrastructure

Kubernetes frees up human resources for innovation, so transitioning to the platform should not be a heavy lift. Our innovation, which nearly a dozen patents support, works to solve that problem.”
— Diamanti CEO Chris Hickey
SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, March 9, 2022 / -- Diamanti, the company that streamlines Kubernetes applications and data management for global enterprises, has been granted ten patents to democratize Kubernetes, the most advanced methodology for managing containers. Diamanti created standardized interfaces for Kubernetes networking and storage to boost quality of service and security for companies using the technology to manage applications. Now, having obtained international IP protection for several of its innovations, Diamanti is expanding its reach globally. Four other patents to further access to Kubernetes among enterprises and SMBs are pending.

Combined, Diamanti’s efforts allow more companies abroad and smaller firms in the US to access Kubernetes, which is paving the way toward the future of cloud computing and the innovation it enables.

“Diamanti provides the technology and engineering know-how to help companies transition to and manage Kubernetes, saving the majority of their total cost of ownership for infrastructure and drastically boosting performance,” said Diamanti CEO Chris Hickey. “The point of Kubernetes is to free up human resources for innovation, so transitioning to the platform should not be a heavy lift, whether you’re an enterprise or SMB. The goal of our innovation, which nearly a dozen patents support, is to solve that problem.”

Diamanti’s container network interface (CNI) and container storage interface (CSI) are standard APIs that any company can use to facilitate networking and storage on Kubernetes. The technology, first released by Google in 2014, is an open-source container orchestration system that most cloud engineers recognize as the future of IT but that many companies, from enterprises to SMBs, struggle to implement due to a lack of technical knowledge and resources.

A look at Diamanti’s patents will show that several of them involve inventing “methods and systems for converged networking and storage.” That language refers to the common APIs Diamanti has pioneered to expand access to Kubernetes.

Diamanti is allowing any third-party storage or network provider to provide their services into the Kubernetes ecosystem. The changes the company has proposed in open source have become a part of Kubernetes for the last four years, transforming access to this technology that was once the province of massive enterprises.

Going forward, Diamanti, fresh off its acquisition of Groundwork Open Source, will focus on harvesting deep telemetry data to get near real-time metrics and tracing on cluster and workload performance levels. Diamanti is building AI/ML capabilities over these real-time telemetry data to allow customers to continuously monitor and optimize the resource allocations of their Kubernetes clusters.

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Diamanti is solving the challenge of container-based hybrid clouds with the best enterprise-optimized platform for managing Kubernetes applications and data. Diamanti’s Kubernetes platform enables enterprises to adopt and expand Kubernetes on-premises rapidly and in the cloud, with security, high availability, and resilience built in. For more information, visit or follow @DiamantiCom.

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