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CES Award Winner Solos Smart Glasses Joins Forces with ZiZZO the #1 Selling Folding Bike Company in the United States

ZiZZO folding bike Solos Smart Glasses

Solos Smart Glasses Combines Forces with ZiZZO

Solos Smart Sunglasses and ZiZZO - The Perfect Pair!

Solos Smart Sunglasses and ZiZZO - The Perfect Pair!

Solos and ZiZZO App Collaboration Coming Soon

Solos and ZiZZO App Collaboration Coming Soon

ZiZZO Bikes and Solos Smart Glasses have agreed on joint marketing and promotion on ecommerce in the U.S.

AirGo 2 Solos Smart Glasses are an absolute game changer in 2022!”
— Solos Chairman, Dr. John Fan.
UNION CITY, CA, UNITED STATES, March 10, 2022 / -- "AirGo 2 Solos Smart Glasses are an absolute game changer in 2022," says Solos Chairman Dr. John Fan. Solos has more than 60 patents and multiple awards at the recent CES for their innovative technology recognized and implemented in the past by such companies like Google. With AirGo 2 they have now brought an exciting line of high quality, affordable, customizable glasses to meet the most discerning active lifestyle. Not only do they have multiple stylish looks and choices right out of the box they have technology you must hear to believe!

"Sunglasses that combine headphone and bike computer functions all in one! I think they are the best device a rider could have to enjoy a relaxed, informative, and safe ride," says ZiZZO President Benjamin Chen.

“Whisper Audio Technology” is unlike anything anyone has seen or heard! Well maybe we should say “didn’t hear”. A personalized audio experience that is classroom and conference ready. Noise exclusion technology that simply allows all the background noise during a phone call to be cleaned up while you speak with the clearest of voice.

The second part of Whisper is to personalize equalizer settings to optimize the sounds that work best for you. With their unique equalizer that can be dialed into your ears using the app you can fine-tune the frequencies that will enhance the already amazing “9D” 360 surround sound coming from the directional area speakers. With the easy-to-use settings on the Solos AirGo App you can customize your music streaming and phone call preferences. Another amazing feature is the Bluetooth “Duo Host”. It allows you to connect to a cellphone and a PC simultaneously.

Battery life second to none! After a one-and-a-half-hour charge you will find the AirGo 2 glasses battery can last up to 8 hours of phone calls and 11 hours of music! For a quick charge in just 15 minutes, you can achieve 3 hours of use.

With patented modular features you can easily change out the frame front. With the “Smart Hinge” design you now have access to multiple choices and customization abilities. Frames are made of high grade flexible TR90 that are not only light and comfortable but are resilient to damage.

Let's not forget the Solos AirGo app! Your personal trainer all in one with an amazing number of ways you can customize for your experience for your lifestyle! ZiZZO and Solos look forward to releasing their own joint venture app that will be specific to cycling and their customers.

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