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Dr. Lillie Coley Civil Rights Disputes Not Being Accepted in New Jersey in A High Very High Case

The Rule of Law Wins!!!

Dr. Lillie Coley A Black Female Appears Not to Be Getting Her Civil Rights Complaints Processed in New Jersey

PHILADELPHIA, PA, UNITED STATES, March 6, 2022 / -- Dr. Lillie Coley Civil Rights Complaints not being accepted and full, faith and credit given to VOID orders in New Jersey

Rymir Satterthwaite, his mother Wanda alongside Dr. Lillie Coley are looking for equity for approximately ten years today with respect to fair treatment. Different parties have documented a Writ Certiorari with U.S. High Court in looking for equal security of the law as some parties have acquired.

This case has several questions:

• Will a Court allow Full Credit and Faith to voided judgment that does not exist anymore and not disregard the 14th fourteenth Amendment Due to process security?

• Can a court deny a motion that referred to misrepresentation on the Court of evidence?

• Can an Appeal uphold a void judgment?

• Has the court sufficiently followed prosecution from 2012 to 2021?

• The fourteenth Amendment is vital to our individual opportunities and freedom. We are completely allowed fair treatment regardless of what our identity is. This is a case that will be brought before the U.S. High Court and alike. Some parties filed Civil Rights complaints which needed local officials assistance.

An illustration of issues depicted in the filed U.S. Supreme Court Writ Attached is Here;

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