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CellCore Bioscience Magnifies ‘Heavy Metals Awareness Month’ with an Expert-Led Webinar for Health Practitioners

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd Speak on Heavy Metals

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd Speak on Heavy Metals

CellCore Biosciences

CellCore Biosciences

Health Webinar Provided to Assist Health Practitioners in Navigating the Complicated Topic of Heavy Metals in Health Products

When you understand the science, it should bring you confidence on how you interact with the world.”
— Dr. Ian Hosein (PhD)
MERIDIAN, ID, UNITED STATES, March 4, 2022 / -- On Thursday, February 24th, CellCore Biosciences hosted an expert-led webinar to untangle the “intricate web of heavy metal science, testing, and compliance.” This educational webinar is part of their ‘Heavy Metals Awareness Month,’ as heavy metals in health products continues to be a hot topic in the wellness industry.

The expert panelists included compliance expert Jesse Cothran; dietitian and detox specialist Greer McGuinness (MS, RD, CDN, CLT, Dt.Sp); Syracuse University professor in the Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering, Dr. Ian Hosein (PhD); and lastly, the founders of CellCore, Dr. Jay Davidson and Dr. Todd Watts.

Cothran began the presentation by saying, “It’s not very often that people get very excited about talking about compliance, but after doing it for 20 years and diving into the regulations, and developing a niche for myself, it’s just something that I really enjoy.”

He recommends relying on the product specifications to see if products are safe. He adds, “As we understand the numbers and the conversions and understand what is happening in the dietary [health product] world compared to the diet and the FDA, we can conclude that [most health] products are safe.” Learn more from Cothran on his website (

As a lab educator for Vibrant Wellness, McGuinness continued the webinar by addressing heavy metal testing. She explains, “Heavy metals are naturally occurring elements found throughout the earth’s crust, and they are typically not anything that we should be concerned about; however, now with our environment and what we use heavy metals for, we have come more and more in contact with them.” She outlines that patients can be tested for heavy metals through blood, hair, or urine samples. Learn more about McGuinness on her website (

In Dr. Hosein’s portion, he dives into the periodic table and the importance of certain metals providing our body with stability. He addresses the differences between organic and inorganic elements, along with the effect pH has on these elements.

Dr. Hoesin shares, “When you understand the science, it should bring you confidence on how you interact with the world. It shouldn’t bring you fear. And hopefully that is what we provided people today — confidence and certainty in their understanding of heavy metals and how they can interact with the body, and what to do with that knowledge.”

For CellCore practitioners who missed the webinar, it is now available in the CellCore Learning Center (, along with a presentation from Dr. Jay breaking down CellCore COAs ( Next month, CellCore will be hosting a webinar focused on how toxins impact hormones in the body. Register here (

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