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The First Solar-Powered Mass Transportation System

RAILBUS Vehicles

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, March 5, 2022 / -- RAILBUS represents the future of sustainable mass transportation and will revolutionize the way millions of people, live, work and travel. RAILBUS is a leap in transportation and will provide mobility, opening up economic opportunities for all.

Today, transportation infrastructure in many cities is limited and inefficient. With low income and poor infrastructure, mobility is a major stumbling block for a country’s economic development.

Buses are widely used but are extremely overcrowded and cause major traffic congestion. Traffic jams also result in considerable loss of time and productivity. RAILBUS is an elevated system which provides an alternative transportation solution which relieves congestion off the roads and provide a safe and comfortable way to travel.

Affordable travel
On average people spend 35% of their income on travel. RAILBUS is affordable for people to use because the system is low cost to build, operate and easy to maintain. RAILBUS is low cost because of its modularity using ultralight space age materials providing the lowest passenger-to-weight ratio of any transportation system ever.

Environmentally Friendly
Another clear benefit of RAILBUS is that it is environmentally friendly. Pollution is dramatically reduced because it is based on hybrid-electric solar power.

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