GINBOX launches a new Sale Alert feature on its global platform

GINBOX Sale Alert

GINBOX Sale Alert



The innovator of the World’s First Yellow Pages for Deals and Discounts,, has come up with another striking feature on its portal.

GURGAON, HARYANA, INDIA, March 1, 2022 / -- The innovator of the World’s First Yellow Pages for Deals and Discounts,, has come up with another striking feature on its portal. It has launched a unique Sale Alert option on its home page. It alerts its users that never let them miss a sale live at their favorite store.

What is a Sale Alert?

GINBOX is an organized space where businesses post about their sales and discounts. By clicking on the Deals and Discounts page, you are entitled to view countless deals on a wide range of products and services. Through its feature MagicQR, you can know about the sales running around you or in the shopping center you are planning to visit. However, this works either when you visit the GINBOX page or scan the MagicQR code through your mobile. Sale Alert is a feature that gives you information about live sales at your favorite mall without the need of logging into the GINBOX page. Instead, it sends you an alert on your mailbox whenever the shopping mall announces a fresh new sale.

How to set this Sale Alert?

You need to create your profile at PERSONAL GINBOX. This includes your basic details such as your phone number, email id, and country. Once this is saved, you can enter your shopping city and your favorite brands. You can enter any number of malls and brands that you like. Submit the details, and your sale alert is ready.

How does this Sale Alert work?

As GINBOX is partnered with the top shopping malls and top brands worldwide, it receives notifications from them whenever they announce a sale. GINBOX then passes this information to its users according to their set location and brand preferences. This way, the users never miss any updates about the sales and discounts streaming on their favorite brands in the shopping areas near them. You can also shop from our partnered online portals and other e-commerce websites. So it is not just a Sale Alert, but a Brand Alert as well!

Create your GINBOX card for a better shopping experience

A GINBOX card is a Smart Address generated for your primary address. It is a unique technology to convert your long physical address into a short, smart code. Just as you create your email id, it can be made using 8-10 alphanumeric characters. Through this Smart Address, you can shop and check out from our partnered websites easily and quickly. You can also share this Smart Address at your fingertips with your friends, visitors, and acquaintances. This will let them reach you smoothly by navigating through connected google maps.

Make your shopping pleasant and budget-friendly with GINBOX. Login at, create your profile and set a Sale Alert by clicking on the bell icon. Buy top brands from your preferred store at discounted prices, either online or offline. Have a great shopping!

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