Two more innovative additions by Gifola on its portals



Gifola Access Control

Gifola Access Control

GIFOLA has launched a unique Access Control system on and a MagicQR on

GURGAON, HARYANA, INDIA, February 10, 2022 / -- GIFOLA has announced the addition of two new applications on its global portals. Known for technology innovations, it has launched a unique Access Control system on and a MagicQR on

About GIFOLA Access Control System

To control the entry and exit of people to any place or premises, we need to have an Access Control system. This is usually achieved either by a physical lock system or by appointing a person who guards the security. However, you need to think and perform with digitalization to go beyond this conventional system. GIFOLA Access Control is an Avante-Garde system where you can restrict everything electronically. This system enables you to monitor and control people's access at your place using an electronic device and a mobile application. GIFOLA Access Control also lets you plan seamless and faster access to the places you are about to visit.

Applications of GIFOLA Access Control

Launched under, this system is applicable worldwide.

GIFOLA, Access Management system, lets you visit and check-in smoothly at public places, including office buildings, apartments, societies, shopping hubs, industries, and parking lots.
This system addresses all the access control needs of a place and restricts the movement of visitors over there at any given point in time.

By working on Permission request, Identification, and Authentication principles, this access control keeps your premises safe and secure 24/7.

With the use of the GIFOLA device, the admin can control the movement of people or visitors at his premises from anywhere around the world, enabling Global visitor management and Global community management.

To avoid lengthy waiting times, you can also pre-book your parking slot at any busy place you plan to visit, such as shopping malls, cinema halls, or restaurants. You can also search for a parking space near you through the mobile application.

Move ahead with technology, and choose an innovative way of access management with GIFOLA devices and applications.

About MagicQR

A boon to all the shopping freaks, MagicQR is a creative application by GIFOLA. It is a code that works by a single scan through your mobile. In addition, it contains information about all the deals and discounts running in your shopping area.

Applications of MagicQR

This creative feature is launched on the page and various shopping arcades.

By scanning MagicQR displayed at the shop, you can know about all the deals and offers running in that centre.
In addition to the available deals, MagicQR rewards its user's points by GINBOX and a merchant's special discount.
It is applicable worldwide and can be used for all products and services.
The users can get information about deals running in the market they plan to visit.

Let it be a businessman, entrepreneur, or shopkeeper. MagicQR can be used by anyone who aspires to grow in this competitive market.

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