Leading NFT artist to Bill Maher: "You Just Don't Know What You're Talking About"

Gabriel's Tweet To Bill Maher

Gabriel Dean Roberts Near His Studio

Gabriel Dean Roberts Near His Studio In NYC

Still Frame From Ω

A still frame from the 130 million dollar Ω NFT, available at superrare.com

Crypto Artist, Gabriel Dean Roberts calls out comedian & "Real Time" host Bill Maher for his limited views on crypto

Bill, you're often right, but when it comes to cryptocurrency, you just don't know what you're talking about.”
— Gabriel Dean Roberts
NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, February 27, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Leading NFT artist Gabriel Dean Roberts gave Bill Maher a bit of perspective when it comes to cryptocurrencies:
"Bill, you're often right, but when it comes to cryptocurrency, you just don't know what you're talking about."

Gabriel's comments come on the heels of last Friday's "Real Time With Bill Maher" in which the host once again derided cryptocurrency as a "ponzi scheme". Bill has claimed on numerous occasions that cryptocurrencies are funny money with no value and only damage the environment, but has yet to give space for conversation to anyone specializing in cryptocurrencies or their related subjects. Gabriel Dean Roberts is a New York based fine art photographer with over 200 sales of originals in 2021. His latest project, titled "Ω" is on offer for 130 million dollars at NFT platform, Superrare. Ω utilizes a custom smart contract feature offering the NFT's owner 10 years of his artistic life. Within this smart contract, the owner also gets:

10 years of his life as an NFT with 120 original masterworks
1 million trees planted
1 million donated to humanitarian aide
A custom GDR designed Rolls Royce Ghost

With his 50,000 Ethereum Ω NFT project, Gabriel is leading the way in a new trend of integrating social and global contributions that reflect a humanitarian and ecologically positive advantage. "I believe that I can help lead more artists to integrate positive action through the sale of luxury art, and we can show people just how powerful artists can be at initiating positive change. I also think that we can do this in such a way that we don't have to wave a virtue signal flag to show everyone our good works, we can just do them, because it's the right thing to do." Bill Maher has yet to respond to Gabriel's offer to speak on Real Time about cryptocurrency and NFTs.

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