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Aquafighter® providing an alternative to fuel polishing & fuel additives for control over water, bacteria and waste fuel

Logo for DieselCare AS of Norway and the Aquafighter® Technology.  DieselCare AS is developing "Impactful Advancements for the Fueling Industry."

DieselCare AS of Kongsvinger, Norway is developer & manufacturer of Aquafighter® Fuel Technology, DieselCare Skimmer® and DieselCare Chinook® Vent Filter. A true innovator in the Norwegian tradition, DieselCare creates impactful advancements for the fueling industry.

Fuel cleaned by Aquafighter

Samples from Aquafighter® treated fuel. These samples have tested as low as 21ppm water without the use of chemicals or emulsifiers.

Aquafighter powder mixed with fuel makes it clean and pure.

The Aquafighter® Revolution system as installed in the DIeselCare AS 40,000 liter tanker truck. This system can also be applied using smaller tank trucks, tank trailers & stationary mixing tanks.

Aquafighter® offers simple and effective fuel management and tank maintenance solutions to control bacteria, micro-particles, water, bad fuel and corrosion.

Our Aquafighter Technology will improve fuel-quality, simplify tank maintenance, minimize waste fuel and restore compromised fuel to the highest purity quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.”
— Per Jahnsrud, CEO of DieselCare AS

KONGSVINGER, NORWAY, March 8, 2022 / -- Aquafighter® Technology developed by DieselCare AS offers a more efficient and more effective solution for removing water, sludge and particles from diesel fuels and tanks. The use of Aquafighter creates the de-emulsification of water from fuel as well as the capture of particles to both restore contaminated fuel to peak purity and to preserve fuel purity over time.

When compared to fuel polishing and fuel additives, the Aquafighter® Technology offers significant advantages including:
* Free Water Removal up to 100%
* Bound/Emulsified Water Removal up to 99.998%
* Large/Heavy Particle Removal up to 100%
* Micro-Particle Removal up to 95% (less than 1 micron)
* Non-toxic and non-additive
* Non-corrosive
* Less fuel and material waste

The 4 methods for utilizing Aquafighter® each have their own unique advantages based on the application and use case.

1. Aquafighter® Fabric Pouches – Pouches containing Aquafighter are laid on the bottom of the fuel tank. Keeps fuel water-free over time to the capacity of the pouch. Provides the simplest installation as well as simplest removal and replacement.

2. Aquafighter® Revolution – This process involves mixing Aquafighter with grey diesel (off-spec fuel) on site. Mixing takes 10 minutes to clean and purify fuel to less than 50ppm water without the use of chemicals (Samples have tested as low as 21ppm water). This process removes dirt, bacteria, micro-particles and other contamination from the tank & the fuel. Provides yearly elite-level fuel quality and tank maintenance control over the tank environment. (1 kg of Aquafighter® cleans 5,000 liters/1,320 gallons of fuel.)

3. Aquafighter® Secondary Tank – Taking the fuel to an offsite tank or to a separate on-site tank for Aquafighter treatment. This process takes 24-48 hours to clean the fuel and is then delivered back to fuel site or back into the main tank. This process removes dirt, bacteria, micro-particles and other contaminants from the tank & the fuel. This provides works sites and other fueling operations with the capacity to clean their own fuel on-demand at a low cost by simply transferring bad fuel into a secondary tank.

4. Aquafighter® Active In-Tank – Utilizing the Aquafighter® Fuel Technology along with the DieselCare Skimmer® inside the operating tank (Not applicable to fuel stations). Provides year-long fuel purification to less than 50ppm water for all fuel delivered into the tank, complete prevention of bacteria growth, suppression of debris & micro-particles, protection from tank corrosion and maintenance-free application for a full year. Provides up to 5% of tank capacity water-incursion protection and high-quality fuel (less than 50ppm water w/o chemicals) over the course of a year. Requires only once per year maintenance to remove and replace Aquafighter®. This solution is the most efficient and provides better fuel-quality and significantly more protection compared to any other solution or combination of solutions by wide margin.

Per Jahnsrud, CEO of DIeselCare AS explains, "We currently use three different methods of Aquafighter application with fuel stations in Europe. The most intriguing option for many fuel stations is the Aquafighter Revolution treatment." Aquafighter Revolution provides a simple and inexpensive system for keeping water and bacteria growth in control and maintaining consistent fuel-quality.

Per Jahnsrud concludes, "Our Aquafighter Technology will improve fuel-quality, simplify tank maintenance, minimize waste fuel and restore compromised fuel to the highest purity quickly, efficiently and inexpensively."


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Aquafighter® Revolution Demonstration