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In the wake of rising fuel prices Aquafighter® Fuel Technology is combating waste fuel & saving fuel losses

DieselCare & Aquafighter banner that says Impactful Advancements for the Fueling Industry

DieselCare AS is developer & manufacturer of Aquafighter® Fuel Technology, DieselCare Skimmer® and DieselCare Chinook® Vent Filter. Forward-thinking in the Norwegian tradition, DieselCare creates impactful advancements for the fueling industry.

Image showing Aquafighter removing water from diesel fuel

Aquafighter® is unique as it causes bound, emulsified & suspended water to part from fuel on contact. This creates super-pure fuel without the need for power, chemical additives or machines.

Images shows three differing fuel samples cleaned using Aquafighter Fuel Technology

Fuel samples from Aquafighter® treated fuel. Aquafighter treated fuel consistently tests at less than 40ppm water and has tested as low as 21ppm water without the use of chemicals, masking agents or emulsifiers.

Aquafighter® is protecting fuel quality and restoring contaminated diesel to create substantial savings for fuel companies as fuel prices reach record highs.

As well as working with fuel companies to reduce their fuel waste by 90%, we are also working with them to prevent fuel contamination long before fuel recovery is necessary.”
— Per Jahnsrud, CEO of DieselCare AS

KONGSVINGER, NORWAY, March 16, 2022 / -- As fuel prices continue to rise, Aquafighter® Fuel Technology is the key ingredient to recovering waste fuel and protecting fuel quality; saving money and cutting costs for fuel companies and fuel operators with a simple, inexpensive process. "While we can't control fuel prices, we can control how we manage fuel quality and how we recover waste fuel and protect against fuel losses." explains Steve Schultz with DieselCare/Aquafighter.

Water is the biggest challenge for fuel operators because it is the root cause for most problems in fuel-quality management and tank maintenance. Millions of gallons of fuel are lost every year due to emulsified water, which has become exponentially worse with the addition of biofuels.

"I think often times fuel companies don't really have an accurate account of how much fuel they actually lose every year from pumping free-water and other water removal, bacteria mitigation & tank cleaning processes. In its first few years of existence, Aquafighter has been used to recover more than 1,000,000 gallons of diesel that otherwise would have been discarded as waste. As we expand the use of our technology outside of Norway we have the potential to save billions of gallons of fuel that is currently written off every year." Per Jahnsrud, CEO of DieselCare AS producers of the Aquafighter® Technology.

Steve Schultz further explains, "Water content in petroleum diesel is a challenge in itself, but this problem is exacerbated by biofuel content. As we follow the science, biodiesel is up to 25 times more hygroscopic than petroleum diesel which means that it attracts and binds to water at an exponentially higher rate making fuel with biodiesel a magnet for water problems and thus accounts for the huge amount of damaged diesel that has greatly increased in recent years."

Aquafighter® was developed in 2015 and since 2017 has been used by one of the world's largest fuel companies to mitigate water problems and restore off-spec diesel into purified fuel. Aquafighter® and DieselCare solutions are now available through distributors and partners in most countries around the world.

"As well as working with fuel companies to reduce their fuel waste by 90%, we are also working with them to prevent fuel contamination long before fuel recovery is necessary. Since we began using Aquafighter in 2017 with fuel stations in Norway, we have recovered more than 4,000,000 liters of off-spec diesel, which accounts for more than $4,000,000 US Dollars. This same system can be utilized by every fuel company in the world to do exactly the same." Per Jahnsrud.

Aquafighter® solutions including: Aquafighter® Fuel Technology, DieselCare Skimmer® and Aquafighter Chinook® Vent Filter are available worldwide. All Aquafighter® & DieselCare solutions are designed into simple service arrangements, easy installations and lifetime maintenance plans.

"While fuel polishing, fuel additives and other methods have some value; the Aquafighter technology reduces costs per liter and significantly increases the quality of the fuel cleaning process when compared to those common solutions. Additionally, Aquafighter is non-toxic and is not corrosive like most additive chemicals for reducing water. When compared to fuel polishing; Aquafighter is less expensive, less wasteful and produces fuel with up to 10 times less water." concludes Steve Schultz.


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