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A food equipment industry pioneer developed a novel technology to replace traditional steam tables with dry wells

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dry wells help improve restaurant operation

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 17, 2022 / -- Datec Coating Corporation, a custom heating element manufacturer known for their revolutionary thick film heating solutions, developed a game-changing mica heater to help replace traditional steam tables with dry wells

For over 20 years, the Datec team of committed research scientists and engineers has led the industry in developing heating solutions for industries such as commercial food service, medical and precision devices, electronics, automotive, and appliances. Datec is uniquely qualified to educate the industry by introducing the groundbreaking dry wells technology and comparing it to the classic steam tables, thanks to their depth of expertise in the field.

Traditional steam tables have been a mainstay in the restaurant industry, particularly in self-service restaurants, for various reasons, including their capacity to keep food fresh, warm, and safe to consume while employing hot water to keep food temperature stable. However, according to Datec, the classic steam tables have an extensive list of drawbacks, including:

1. High operating costs driven by the need for water to be heated continuously.
2. They pose a safety hazard for employees who risk being injured by the hot water and steam as they change out the food pans.
3. Additional labour is required to replace the water that evaporates as it heats.
4. Some steam tables have autofill and drain capability; however, they require expensive plumbing.
5. Steam tables need extensive cleaning at the end of the day; it is hard to remove lime scales.

Datec Coating Corporation is educating the industry on the advantages of using dry wells instead of steam tables. Dry wells do not require water to keep food warm; instead, a heating element heats the air surrounding the food pan, keeping it warm and fresh. The usage of dry well technology has several advantages, including:

1. Reduced Energy Cost – Dry wells reduce energy consumption by roughly 50%, thereby reducing the energy bill for restaurant owners
2. Improved Space utilization – Dry wells take- up less space than steam tables by freeing up space underneath the well
3. Reduced cost of installation – Dry wells do not need costly plumbing installation associated with traditional steam tables
4. Reduce labour cost – Labor for water filling and replacement and cleaning is eliminated, thereby reducing overall labour cost

Compared to the standard steam tables, dry wells can retain food quality while lowering operational costs. They also help restaurant operators in saving money.

About Datec Coating Corporation: Datec Coating Corporation is a Canadian maker of custom heating elements. Datec is an industry leader with a highly skilled team that focuses on problem-solving and open innovation. Datec creates cutting-edge thick-film heaters for a variety of foodservice equipment applications, including dry wells, which are transforming the restaurant sector.

To discover more about Datec Coating Corporation, dry well technology for the foodservice industry, or if you are looking for a partner to develop your next-generation product or replace your existing heater, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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