Paths of Anguish by B. A. Vonsik introduces readers to a mind-bending world of ancient mythologies made real

Paths of Anguish by B. A. Vonsik introduces readers to a mind-bending world of ancient mythologies made real

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2022 / -- Weaving together ancient history, a myriad of mythological traditions, cutting-edge generic discoveries, and advanced technologies, Paths of Anguish is an escapist romp built around a meticulously researched study of the origins of humanity and the surprising commonalities that underly our myths and world views.

A multiple award-winning SciFi fantasy adventure for all ages, Paths of Anguish charts a path that defies traditional genres - part mystery, part thrill ride, part history lesson, this literary shot of adrenaline features prehistoric heroes, long-forgotten Gods, and yes, dinosaurs.

Paths of Anguish brings together an unlikely pair of heroes, a scientist and ancient hunter forming a metaphysical bond across the centuries, coming together to preserve humanity’s future. Primeval Origins will take readers on a journey filled with twists and turns they never could have expected.

“This novel was the culmination of decades of research, fueled by my fascination with ancient cultures and myth, and the similarities I found between different traditions, across disparate times and geographies,” said author, B. A. Vonsik “But this book is no dry history text – I’ve done my best to create characters readers will come to love, and put them in impossible situations. I hope readers will want to follow their stories for years to come.”

Reviewers have called Paths of Anguish “a world rich in color and detail,” “great and very gripping,” and “a compelling and enjoyable read!” Kirkus Reviews said, “Complete with otherworldly surprises, this tale delivers an inventive adventure.” Paths of Anguish is available as an eBook or in paperback on Amazon, and other popular booksellers.

About B. A. Vonsik

B.A. Vonsik is a 1985 graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and flew as an USAF Special Operations aviator before joining the training and simulation industry. While working in his adventurous careers, B.A. Vonsik spent much of his remaining time creating and detailing the world of Primeval Origins®. Curious about why many of our mythological pantheons seemed so similar despite the cultures creating them having never interacted with each other, B.A. created the Primeval Origins® dystopian science fiction (Sci-Fi) / epic fantasy saga based on more than 30 years of his research into our mythologies, ancient alien theory, accepted human history and our undiscovered history, the sciences, modern and future technologies, metaphysical studies, the Bible, Quran, Hindu, and other religions. What B.A. discovered was mind bending and written into the pages of his multiple award-winning science fantasy epic for young adults and adults of every age.

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