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For The First Time Ever - The Wealthy And The Working Class Get Equal Access To Early-Adopter Opportunity Of A Lifetime

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Early Adopter The Plan by Dan Hollings

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The Plan by Dan Hollings New Cover

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Heather Farrell, The Profitable Expat

Never before has there been an asset class that dwarfs all others, year after year for more than a decade yet remains open to everyone.

Today's investor is considered an early adopter indicating there is still a tremendous growth curve ahead.”
— Heather Farrell
YOKOHAMA, KANAGAWA, JAPAN, February 16, 2022 / -- In a surprise announcement yesterday Heather Farrell, The Profitable Expat explains why regular people; who are not millionaires, finally have access to a prime, ground floor investing opportunity that is normally reserved exclusively for the wealthy and financially astute.

Today, the modestly funded investor can stand side by side with her affluent counterpart and have the same equal chance to profit from the fastest growing asset class (by over 1000%) over the last decade.

Ms. Farrell, a 21-year expat, online business expert, and cryptocurrency enthusiast says "Three key factors have come together right now at this moment in history that makes it possible for just about any literate person on the planet to invest in this once in thousand-year opportunity."

Cryptocurrency is currently a 3 trillion dollar industry. The #1 crypto coin is Bitcoin (BTC) and it accounts for nearly 1/3 of that market. BTC was the first crypto coin that came into existence in 2009 and really didn't so much until 2017 when it soared from $900 to nearly $20k in just 5 months.

Since then many other crypto coins (7,000+) have popped up and BTC has continued its roller-coaster ride of steep climbs up, and sharp drops down and today it sits around the $40k mark. To say that crypto is extremely volatile is an understatement, and fortunately, there is now a way to profit from these sharp price swings.

KEY ELEMENT #1: Cryptocurrency's existence and solid evolution to today's level.
Despite the fact that crypto is not yet mainstream, it has moved far enough along to be past the point of being destroyed, canceled, deleted, or otherwise eradicated. While some countries have decided to ban crypto others have embraced it and made it legal tender. Cryptocurrencies are now (quietly) being held on the balance sheets of financial giants, institutional investors, many fortune 500 companies, and banks. We are also seeing the foundational service providers of society taking steps to incorporate crypto as a method of payment and/or savings. Crypto is here to stay and many believe it will continue to outperform all other asset classes (currently by over 1,000%) for years or decades to come.

KEY ELEMENT #2: Blockchain adoption and the place where cryptocurrencies exist.
The blockchain is a digital ledger that exists in the network (which means online) in all places, at all times. Once recorded on the Blockchain, it is not possible to alter or delete a record, making this the most accurate, permanent register in existence and cryptocurrencies live on the Blockchain. This means that the value of any crypto coin can never be inflated, deflated, misrepresented, or falsified in any way like traditional fiat currencies worldwide are. It is commonly known today that governments of many nations have printed more money than can be reasonably backed by anything of real value which has resulted in the steady decline in value (deflation of currency) of the fiat dollar in most countries.

Cryptocurrencies are legitimized and valuable because they exist on the Blockchain where their worth is whatever the true market value is at any given time, and this can not be falsified.

The question everyone wants to know is; what makes this different from other opportunities and why isn't it being hoarded for only the rich like other great early-stage investments are (that the masses do not qualify to even hear about)?

Ms. Farrell explains; "It's because the crypto market is decentralized which means it is not owned, controlled, regulated (or hoarded) by anyone or anything. It exists for the benefit of all and no one is excluded". The other side of this coin is that there is no recourse and no support to lodge a complaint if something goes wrong.

KEY ELEMENT #3: The Plan by Dan Hollings
The essential last piece of the puzzle because even the best opportunity is worthless to those who do not know how to profit from it. The solution is The Plan, a 6 session training program that teaches the complete beginner, step by step, how to invest in crypto grid bots which is the lowest risk way to invest in crypto today. It should be said that investing in crypto is considered risky, just as most investments are today and people should only invest a portion of their overall investment capital in crypto. With that said, the training by Mr. Hollings gives people everything they need to know to make passive income off the volatility of the crypto market.

Interested parties can CLICK HERE to watch a live webinar training with Dan Hollings and see firsthand how this strategy and program has changed everything for the average investor, and improved the financial wellbeing of thousands of people worldwide.

Heather Farrell
The Profitable Expat

DISCLAIMER: This is not investment advice or financial advice. Investing In crypto is considered risky and you can lose money, so only invest what you can afford to lose. Investors should "do your own research" (DYOR) and consult a licensed professional in their jurisdiction. Heather does not work for The Plan or its associates and is an independent affiliate and the opinions expressed here are hers alone. She may receive a referral payment if you click on links in this article.

Heather Farrell
The Profitable Expat
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