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The Thinkubator Update

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The Thinkubator Update

BRONX , NEW YORK , USA , February 8, 2022 / -- The Thinkubator, Inc. has recently experienced challenging times. Despite the challenges and the enormous success forged by Dr. Edward Summers, the Founder, CEO, and President, The Thinkubator's work continues. Dr. Summers, a Bronx native, educated in the public schools, grew up impoverished during the 1980s, lost a brother to streets, and found a way to earn a Ph.D., has pushed the organization to great success by creating The Thinkubator, The Thinkubator Nutrition and Training Center (Pougkeepsie), and The Thinkubator Cafe and Training Center (Bronx). All in partnership with community. Despite recent challenges from former staff members who refused to return to the office due to their relocation to the west coast, childcare issues, personal relationships, and desire to be in Europe, The Thinkubator's legacy will continue on through The Thinkubator Cafe and Nutrition.

The Thinkubator set out a goal to educate and train 100 young adults over the past year but despite this goal, former staff members refused to achieve stated goals outlined in a co-developed grant proposal to our funders. Former staff members stated that after successfully completing their designed program that our youth either did not want a job or were not prepared based on their internal assessment. The blatant doubt of Black, Brown, LGBTQ, and Low-Income youth is not acceptable. White privilege is not cool or acceptable by The Thinkubator Family. We reject the notion after completing more than ten weeks of a program co-designed by the DO SCHOOL that youth would not be ready for the workrforce. Despite former staff efforts, we will forge forward. The Thinkubator Nutrition and Cafe are both youth driven and community based training centers for the Black, Brown, Latin, and LGBTQ youth, all of which, Dr. Summers represents and has been his rationale for founding The Thinkubator. The legacy of the organization continues at The Thinkubator Nutrition and Cafe.

The Thinkubator Cafe and Nutrition will continue to operate with partners.

The Thinkubator Nutrition began its journey in August 2021 with the final presentations of its internship program in partnership with Rhinebeck Bank, the City of Poughkeepsie School District, and the Dutchess Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The Thinkubator Nutrition has also elevate a young person into a leadership position. The young person is now 26 and is managing the operations of the training center. Moreover, the young person has engaged community, supported research projects and elevated young adults through health, wellness, entrepreneurship, and business advice. She has also been able to secure additional internships, which a former staff member was not able to achieve for seven months. The Thinkubator Nutrition will also host a group of interns from the Trolley Barn.

An additional initiative of The Thinkubator Nutrition focuses on women empowerment. Currently, The Thinkubator Nutrition has 56 women and men focused on a 60 day health and wellness challenge. This challenge will impact not only the participants but their children as well. The participants paid a fee to be in the challenge but more importantly, the challenge is about engaging community and youth, which are core to the mission of The Thinkubator.

The Thinkubator Cafe is a joint venture with Don Carvajal Cafe, and a local family, which has opened a few weeks ago. We continue to work through the initial phases of being open but have already had an impact on community. We are training young adults, host community groups and members, supported local entrepreneurs and will have a group of young adults training in the space in the coming weeks.

While The Thinkubator has challenges, The Thinkubator Nutrition and Cafe, will continue the work that was started at both locations by The Thinkubator, Inc.
and agreed upon with former staff members.

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