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Top 10 Healthcare and Life-science Mergers and Acquisitions in 2021

Top Healthcare and Life-science Deals of 2021

Healthcare M&A activity hit a new stride in 2021, fueled by investor interest in digital health and virtual care, with acquisition of digital health companies accounting for 33% of top 10 deals”
— Dr. Purav Gandhi
AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, I, February 7, 2022 / -- There was a major pandemic-induced pause in healthcare mergers & acquisitions activity in early 2020. However, the industry quickly recovered, extending the momentum from the second half of 2020, when a flurry of acquisitions was announced into 2021, driven by digital health and virtual care. Healthark Insights team has been closely monitoring M&A deals in Healthcare and Life science sector over the past year and has compiled the major M&A deals that shaped the industry in 2021 and will continue to impact the direction during 2022, in the recent paper titled ‘Top 10 Healthcare and Lifescience M&A Deals in 2021’.

Between 2020 and 2021, deal volumes and values in the health industry climbed by 32 percent and 65 percent, respectively. The health-tech space has seen a burst of deals in 2021 with Oracle's $28.2 billion acquisition of Cerner being one of the most significant of all occurred just days before the calendar turned around. The recent merger announced between CioxHealth and Datavant is poised to create a significant and secure ecosystem to manage and share patient data in the US. Google’s acquisition of Fitbit not only positions Google to enter the wearables space, but also connects its overall data and analytics ecosystem with a completely new set of data and insights, which were previously not accessible at scale. EHR-based interoperable data, cloud-based platforms, and remote monitoring technology have been key investment areas in the health-tech space in the recent past and that was clearly reflected in the deals that we saw in the past year.

The research identified top M&A deals in 2021, key features of these deals and also indicates that similar activity is bound to continue in 2022. “Healthcare M&A activity hit a new stride in 2021, fueled by investor interest in digital health and virtual care, with acquisition of digital health companies accounting for 33% of top 10 healthcare deals” says Dr. Purav Gandhi, Founder and CEO of Healthark Insights. “We continue to closely monitor these deals which are not only large in size, but also unlock new synergies on the digital and care delivery front, and also how these deals will pave the way for some of the innovation and threats that the healthcare sector will see in the coming years”. The Healthark Insights team identified 300+ M&A deals across the year, considered deal size, deal driver, and impact of each of these deals, and curated a list of top 10 M&A deals that dominated the industry in 2021.

As big pharma, payers and health technology players seek to optimize their portfolios for growth, we expect deal activity to continue with same pace in 2022. Innovative biotech and medical device companies will continue to be M&A targets. You can read more about these top 10 healthcare and life science M&A deals from 2021, which will shape the future of M&A space in 2022 on the Healthark Insights website.

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