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Planetarium Show by MediaInVision

3-Dimensional Dome Theater Music by MediaInVision

3-Dimensional Dome Theater Music by MediaInVision

Planetarium Shows by Alexander Golberg Jero to extend the popularity of Dome Theater Media.

Each individual sound can have its unique location in 3-Dimensional Space”
— Alexander Golberg Jero
NEW YORK, USA, January 28, 2022 / -- Alexander Golberg Jero is a musical genius who has mastered the ability to transform music from something that viewers just listen to into an immersive experience. His most recent venture is a Planetarium Show, which hopes to extend the popularity of Dome Theater Media. This will take a look at this latest projected as well as just how beneficial shows can be for planetariums.

How These Shows Benefit Planetariums
Planetariums are great place for educational experiences and entertainment for people of all ages. These are places where viewers can easily get lost in the experience. With shows like the Planetarium Shows by MediaInVision, they are bringing awareness to these planetariums that may have been forgotten in recent years.
Planetariums serve a very important purpose in the community, so bringing more people in through these shows helps bring in funds so these facilities can continue to offer the community educational experiences.
Why are planetariums such great learning sites? It’s because of the immersive experience that viewers can gain while in these facilities. This makes it easier for people to learn things because they can better experience them. This leads to better retention, especially in kids who can have difficult times focusing on topics. Planetariums offer a fun and effective way to learn.

About the Planetarium Show
Because of how important planetariums are to communities, MediaInVision created these experiences specifically for planetariums. The shows that viewers can enjoy from him include:
• Space or Dream of Life: This features a Hollywood Awards winner surround sound composition that offers 3D music, videos, and cosmic energy. Viewers will be enthralled by watching these shows.
• Uncommon Bach: Focused on conceptual work in surround sound, you get 3D surround sound featuring Bach. This includes a presentation on history and culture, creating a great experience for the audience.
• Ciurlionis, The Music and Art: This is an over hour-long program that features a 3D audio/visual showcase of Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis work in music, art, light, and sound.
• The Rebbe: Here is a show that features meditation Hassidic music in 3D sound, offering 360-degree imagery centered on the life of Lubavicher Rebbe.
• Planets: Jero takes his expertise in surround sound music to arrange virtual instruments and modern synthesis to produce this 3D surround sound production. Each of the different instruments sound like they have a unique location due to the nature of these compositions. Combined with 360-degree cosmic imagery, this music presentation offers a great experience.
The whole point of these shows is to revitalize planetariums. Since they play such an important role in educating and entertaining the masses, it’s important to do what you can to keep these facilities running. This includes raising more profits for them.

Planetarium shows are great places to give the audience a fully immersive experience. This is especially true when it comes to music due to the 3D visuals and audio that you can experience in a planetarium. Through MediaInVision planetarium shows, planetariums can greatly benefit. These shows make the most of the planetarium setting to create a magical and immersive experience for everyone in the audience. Alexander Golberg Jero is welcoming Planetariums and Dome Theaters worldwide to collaborate on special events dedicated to this new music experience.

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