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business travel

Business travel

Roope Kekäläinen

Roope Kekäläinen

Jari-Jussi Viinikkala

Jari-Jussi Viinikkala, CFO

Lygg is a smart mobility service offering door-to-door service for its members with a mission to be emission free by 2030.

Climate crisis needs ambitious goals and actions in all areas. Lygg's vision for a more sustainable travel service is a great example of the direction we need to take.”
— Elina Kajosaari, CEO of Compensate
HELSINKI, FINLAND, January 26, 2022 / --

Lygg is partnering with a recognized carbon mitigation partner Compensate. Lygg is only in the beginning of its journey to change people’s travel experience and to enable more sustainable and yet efficient way of short-term travel serving first the demanding sector of business travellers. Choice of Compensate as a partner was easy, they are recognized for high integrity approach in selecting and monitoring carbon projects and certainty in delivering real climate impact. Compensate is delighted to have been selected by Lygg as their trusted partner for compensating their unavoidable emissions.

• Lygg is a smart mobility service offering decentralized, door-to-door service with the comfort, safety, and speed of a private flight at the price of a commercial for its members.

• Lately at COP26 it’s become clear that the decarbonization of the aviation sector is extremely challenging and yet inevitable. It will require all measures from technology and fuel innovations to disruptive changes in the whole ecosystem.

• Lygg’s mission is to be emission free by 2030 by enabling developing technologies a fast track to commercialize. The goal is from the beginning to minimise environmental impact by using dynamic planning, smart asset allocation and overcompensate their carbon footprint with the help of their partner, Compensate Foundation (™)*, a world leading non-profit organisation.

Lygg service offers its customers a high return on investment on what really is matters: their time, well-being, and a sustainable way of transportation. It can save up to 67% of travel time compared to other means of travel. How it’s done: Lygg uses door-to-door service taking away the stress and waiting times from the traveller, using smaller airports and business terminals which saves time and provides comfortable and Covid-19 safe environment. Lygg service removes the worry of parking, crowds and waiting in lines while offering travel that your life loves.

Sustainability enhanced
The world needs a future of zero-emission travelling and latest at COP26 we have heard how the United States followed UK in committing to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from their aviation sector by 2050 . To achieve these targets, the industry will need to consider all measures: taking in clean aircraft technologies and propulsion systems, sustainable aviation fuels, advances in materials, manufacturing and aircraft maintenance and more efficient airspace and airport operations.

Lygg is paving the way with its revolutionary platform that will provide a fast track for the commercialization of the clean technologies. The company is working hard to build aviation revolutionising MaaS platform, enabling emission free electric flying to the masses.

Carrying our responsibility over climate impact by partnering with Compensate
Lygg has a powerful mission to cut the carbon emissions of the short- distance aviation and demanding target group of business travellers. As it will be a challenging task and will take several years to reach net-zero in Lygg’s own operations, they have searched for a trusted partner to support them on mitigating the emissions of operations that cannot be avoided or reduced currently.

Compensate has acknowledged the challenges around different compensation schemes and is aware of potential market failures – they have created stringent project evaluation for the compensation with a support of Scientific Advisory Panel. The criteria and methods used by Compensate have assured the Lygg team.
Lygg trusts Compensate’s unique overcompensation approach, to mitigate risks identified with the carbon methodologies of specific projects and ensure real climate impact. In addition, overcompensation ensures that more carbon dioxide is always removed than the carbon footprint being compensated for. By selecting Compensate and its rigorous sustainability approach, Lygg ensures that its mitigation efforts meet stringent criteria for additionality, verifiability, traceability, and permanence.

"Climate crisis needs ambitious goals and actions in all areas. Lygg's vision for a more sustainable travel service is a great example of the direction we need to take. We're very happy to provide our high-integrity offsetting to support Lygg's path in taking responsibility for the unavoidable emissions we cause."says Elina Kajosaari, CEO of Compensate.

Roope Kekäläinen, co-founder and CEO of Lygg said:
“The future will look totally different - it is crucial to cut not only emissions, but also micro particles and noise pollution. The outcome is important to cities, the planet, and people’s wellbeing. Europe can be a catalyst for the new sustainable electric aviation, and we can build a commuter-belt of short-range flights faster than anywhere else in the world. We are extremely proud that the acknowledged Compensate team is supporting us on our path towards our vision.”

Contact information:
Roope Kekäläinen, co-founder and CEO, tel. +358 50 401 1321

Jari-Jussi Viinikkala, co-founder and CEO, tel. +358 50 541 2100

About Flymaas Oy / LYGG: Flymaas Oy was founded in Finland in 2020, it’s a company behind the LYGG service. Lygg means rethinking travel. It’s a platform that offers its members simple and easy arranging of travel schemes via an App, creating a powerful travel experience with state-of-the-art and lightweight private aircrafts. We offer our customers a high return on investment on what really is valuable: their time, well-being, and a sustainable way of transportation.

Compensate is a Helsinki-based non-profit that makes carbon capture accessible to individuals and businesses by connecting its users with legitimate and scientifically-guided projects.

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