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DERMA LOUNGE Introduces Its Exclusive Line of Skincare Products and its Star Beauty Combo Package Special


Say hello to a healthy glow!


Is your New Year's Resolution to have healthy, glowing skin? Start here!


A gentle and effective treatment for the delicate eye area to revitalize skin and turn back the hands of time..


The perfect elixir for aging, sun damaged skin.


Shannon Delacerda Esthetician/owner DERMA LOUNGE

The gentle and effective treatments apply Vitamin C to affected areas to reverse and defend against sun damage, lighten dark spots, and smooth out wrinkles.

Many are taking advantage of these two incredible treatments at one price to get ready for Mardi Gras Carnival Balls. With this treatment, women can look their best - gorgeous, rested, and rejuvenated”
— Shannon Delacerda
NEW ORLEANS , LA, UNITED STATES , January 18, 2022 / -- Winter is here, and with it, DERMA LOUNGE is rolling out a new line of products to help preserve winter-weary skin. The in-house DL Ceuticals brand includes two offerings so far, with more on the way: The Vita C Duo Eye Complex and Vita C Eye Serum. Both products revitalize skin with a healthy dose of Vitamin C, invigorate the eye area and draw more attention to your eyes’ natural radiance. In celebration of its new line, DERMA LOUNGE is offering its Star Beauty Combo Package now through February 25, 2022. The combo package includes the exclusive Hollywood South Facial with Eye and Lip Treatment Combo for $249.00 (typically priced at $ 325.00).

The Hollywood South facial treatment combined with the Hollywood South Eye and Lip treatment from DERMA LOUNGE takes full advantage of these products in addition to offering a double exfoliation and boost of nano-infused antioxidants utilizing nano-channeling. A drainage massage around the eyes and a cooling hydrating mask are layered beneath a thermal mask to repair dehydrated and wrinkled skin. Both products are recommended for daily use at home. They should always be stored somewhere cool, dark, and dry, with the lid tightly sealed, as the ingredients can be damaged by light and air.

"Vitamin C has long been used to reverse and defend against sun damage, lighten dark spots, and smooth out wrinkles. The production of collagen, the protein that prevents sagging, can be stimulated using Vitamin C. When combined with Vitamin E and the other active ingredients in the DL Ceuticals line, Vitamin C treatment can also diminish minor scars", says owner and Board Certified Esthetician, Shannon Delacerda. "With our exclusive Star Beauty Combo Package, you can shine like a star without paying a celebrity premium. Many are taking advantage of these two incredible treatments at one price to get ready for Mardi Gras Carnival Balls. With this treatment, women can look their best - gorgeous, rested, and rejuvenated." The Star Beauty Combo Package can be used within six months of purchase. DERMA LOUNGE asks that you please reschedule or cancel at least 24 hours before the beginning of your appointment, or there may be a cancellation fee.

The DERMA LOUNGE Hollywood South Facial is transformative. It includes double exfoliation followed by a super surge of hydrating, nano-infused antioxidants underneath a thermal mask for deep penetration. This facial is the ultimate luxury for dry, dehydrated, and wrinkled skin types. Hand and elbow skin smoothing rejuvenation are included.

Utilizing her own brand of products, DL Ceuticals, Delacerda says her Star Beauty Combo Package works wonders to repair the effects of sun exposure, lighten pigmentation, smooth, tighten, and brighten dark circles. The DL Ceuticals Vita C Duo Eye Complex is a soothing and beneficial treatment for the delicate skin around your eyes. The treatment acts as a robust delivery system for bio-available Vitamin C and licorice root extract, horsetail plant extract, and hyaluronic acid. Licorice root contains anti-inflammatory properties and vital antioxidants, reducing dark circles and brightening skin. Hyaluronic acid gives your skin its plump and hydrated sheen and moisturizes the treatment area to bring back youthful eyes. Horsetail plant extract is also chockful of healthy antioxidants, tightens, and helps to eliminate damage from free radicals. DERMA LOUNGE'S Vita C Eye Serum provides an infusion of Vitamin C with Vitamin E and ferulic acid to protect the Vitamin C from being destroyed through oxidation. This collagen-boosting serum blends hyaluronic acid with organic jojoba oil and the amino acid arginine.

Utilizing her 27 years of experience as an esthetician within acclaimed local wellness spas and private practice, Delacerda created unique and personalized skin treatments with a specialization in non-invasive corrective skincare. She is a certified expert in clinical skincare, including Facials, Microdermabrasion, Permanent Makeup, nanochanneling, Laser Resurfacing, including Tattoo removal, and Dermaplaning. She is also skilled in numerous cosmetic services, including makeup application, waxing, eyelash extensions, brow tinting, and much more. Her work in the field has led to recognition in the New Orleans community throughout the years in publications such as Renew Magazine Gambit's Best of New Orleans and Cue Publications.

Tailoring all of her services to the exact needs of each individual client, Delacerda strongly considers environmental factors. She explains that Increased humidity leads to entirely unique skin conditions among her clients and that she has learned to master and control acne management and anti-aging treatments. Through the years, Delacerda has developed relationships with loyal, long-term clients and has worked with A-list celebrities, advancing her professionalism and developing a rock-solid clinical and nurturing treatment style.

To learn more about DERMA LOUNGE and the DL Cuetical line of skincare products, visit Appointments can be booked online or by calling (504) 952-2323 to ask about a service consultation. DERMA LOUNGE, LLC is located at the Magazine Wellness Center, 2900 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA.

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