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Defiant Artist Ready for NFT "Card Game"

NFT Cards

Cards or Tokens?

Famed Artist Charles Clough in 2015

Artist Charles Clough in 2015

Guggenheim Fellow Throws His Cards Down

The scale of my audience has, until now, been of the 'bespoke' dimension. Frankly, I’m ready for Beeple’s 40 million eyes to behold my treasure.”
— Charles Clough
SAN FRANCISCO, USA, January 17, 2022 / -- When the time came for the artist Charles Clough to issue his first NFT's and put his art on the blockchain, he knew just where to look. He was drawn immediately to a stack of his paintings in a corner of his Buffalo studio. He selected 10 works from "a seemingly endless shimmer of wall-powered, eye-smacking, image-thing-plaque-jetons".

Aware that's quite a mouthful, he also calls these 8" x 10" original paintings "cards", and claims he likes to have people "toss them around like album covers."

Combined with a high-resolution JPEG, his auction of "The Clufffalo Numbers: 2020" opens today at and ends February 28, 2022. Those interested can bid on individual works and own not just a "card" or "jeton", but a small part of a long artistic legacy.

With his art in the permanent collection of over 70 museums globally, including the National Gallery and The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, going into the NFT marketplace – inherently digital – was a natural fit for this acknowledged visionary. As far back as 1971, Clough envisioned a future of himself as “a painter” in the guise of “a film or a ghost”. Clough has now come to see NFT's as perhaps the final realization of his original concept of a "ghost".

He is selling them “in unity” and wishes them to stay that way – the “film” and the “ghost,” if you will. Says Clough, “I’ve opted for more of a Sol LeWitt approach. My art has been exhibited in every state, but the scale possible here is different. With or without my original paintings, this is a new path for me, and I couldn’t be more energized.”

Never one without a quip, the art critic and long time Clough acolyte Steven Simon posited about the works in the collection: "In the vibrancy of their colors and each being a singularity unto itself, he's laid down at least a straight flush."

The 10 original paintings that comprise "The Clufffalo Numbers: 2020" NFT collection will be exhibited by the artist at an invitation-only event in San Francisco on March 1. Please contact Dean Clough for further information.

For more about Charles Clough, please visit, or download his bio here.

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