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Charles Clough Enters the NFT Arena

Digital Image by Charles Clough

Clufffalo 345, 2020, latex on expanded PVC, 8 x 10 inches

Famed Artist Charles Clough in 2015

Artist Charles Clough in 2015

Famed Artist Connects His "Jetons" to the Blockchain

His mind is an endless source of free-form improvisation and inspiration.”
— Cindy Sherman
SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2022 / -- Today, Charles Clough realized his vision. The “Ghost” became real. The veteran artist has issued his first NFT’s. It is the destination on an “epic” path chosen by this storied creator. His auction of "The Clufffalo Numbers: 2020" opens today at and ends February 28, 2022.

A “ringleader” of the “Pictures Generation”, he reflects on his 50-year journey as an artist: “The Photographic Epic of a Painter as a Film or a Ghost” (A.K.A. “Pepfog”). “NFT’s are my original vision, writ large. The sweep of actualizing my structure of intentionality into a seemingly endless shimmer of wall-powered, eye-smacking image-thing-plaque-jetons, has been driven by the sense of ultimacy that sings the painterly through the ages.”

While his linguistic gymnastics may echo the acid flashbacks inherent to his generation, it is still hard to not be impressed as he issues the first NFT’s of his art. Clough continues, “Clufffalo: Numbers actually transubstantiates the spirit of generosity evident in optimal culture into an award, trophy, a fetish of certain progressive concerns—spirit made into a thing, palpable and haptic—a hyper-product that provides the thread of vitality essential for an inter-generational inertia of that spirit.”

That’s not just talk: Clough is including his original, signed painting, along with the expected JPEG, in each NFT. He is selling them “in unity” and wishes them to stay that way – the “film” and the “ghost”.

Clough, an art world veteran by any definition, seems emboldened. He proclaimed in a recent interview, "The scale of my audience has, until now, been of the 'bespoke' dimension. Frankly, I’m ready for Beeple’s 40 million eyes to behold my treasure."

The 10 original paintings that comprise "The Clufffalo Numbers: 2020" NFT collection will be exhibited by the artist at an invitation-only event in San Francisco on March 1. Please contact Dean Clough for further information.

For more about Charles Clough, please visit, or download his bio here.

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