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The 'secret sauce' behind a successful Workflow Overview

Learn how to build a successful hybrid business model...that actually works!

NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, January 14, 2022 / -- A remote workflow that helps your hybrid business model succeed!

To get the best out of a remote workflow; always pay attention to the following:

- Rely on notifications: Notifications are integral to any product. It is important that these notifications appear only when needed: for example when a task is about to miss its service level vs. getting an e-mail each time said task is opened, assigned, moved, or closed. Right notifications at the correct times via the methods are vital for efficient management. The right remote management software can help to set up notifications for several common actions and also enable you to incorporate times when these rules should run.

- Average Handle Time: In conventional times, subject matter specialists and quality associates would sit with actual employees to identify average handle time and try to interpret variation in data streams. These variations must be analyzed to ensure that the capacity provided is properly utilized. Adding extra resources would result in inefficiencies while a lesser number of employees would overwhelm the system.

A remote work management platform allows you to digitally discover the average activity time. It is the ideal product to manage production systems.

The ways it can help:

* Identify the time behind average handle time.

* Digitally identify non-productive time.

* Identify which screens employees spend most of their time on. This information can then be passed on to the training department in the form of summary analysis.

* Identify top employee search trends to drive productivity.

* Use activity time for providing data-supported ideal transactions which could be used to drive efficient programs.

* Real-time Dashboard

In the current pandemic situation, it is important to analyze productivity regardless of employee location. With several employees working from various locations it is vital to have a centralized interface to track business metrics

An efficient remote management platform excels in this area by providing intelligent analytics and several reports that provide near real-time scenarios for production. Real-time dashboards enable one to take correct data-driven decisions and can enable one to:

1. Track tasks assigned to teams and understand which tasks are being processed or delayed along with the average handle and cycle times.

2. View state-wise metrics for real-time insights.

3. Receive notifications on delayed tasks for quick completion.

4. Click and identify tasks as needed.

- Case Management: Case management involves several activities with different paths working to provide a common solution. For example, when someone puts in a request to get a laptop repaired, it may lead to a series of different tasks. One task may go to the vendor, the other to the production company, and yet another to the manufacturing company. These tasks work together to solve the customer’s problem.

These tasks would work on multiple interconnected logics and they may not happen in a predetermined serial path. Data from some tasks would be passed on to another task.

When there are inbuilt processes for case management, one could create interconnected processes based on matching conditions. Once the main task is closed it could lead to other tasks as needed.

A good remote work management platform will always offer enhanced features, and functions to satisfy both case management and business process management. This will allow you to create complex processes with multiple linkages to build unique solutions.

- Queue Management: A queue management system is a set of tools and sub-systems that assist in controlling customer flow, managing waiting times, and enhancing customer experience. An intuitive user interface is essential for managing tasks. The web interface provides powerful assignment capabilities which include:

a) Assignment of tasks

b) Transfer of tasks

c) Bulk commenting on tasks

d) Changing state of tasks

e) Archiving/Deletion of tasks

f) Assigning to Quality State

About ProHance: ProHance, a leading desktop SaaS platform provides future-ready unified workforce-related analytics and data capturing to enable informed decision making on a real-time basis. ProHance enables enterprises to allocate resources effectively, load balance across teams; that results in operations becoming agile, customer-centric, efficient, and lean.

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