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Provider Ranking System™ (PRS) Adds latest CMS Data and new features to enhance user experience

Denniston Data Inc. updates PRS™ with newly released CMS claims data, Provider Background info, and dynamic Tables to group Providers by Specialty or Practice.

With this new data, Provider Ranking System™ (PRS) emerges as the leading source of evidence-based information on physician performance, valued by those seeking meaningful insights into their doctors.”
— Phil Denniston, President of Denniston Data Inc.
CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS, USA, January 11, 2022 / -- Provider Ranking System™ (PRS), recently updated with the latest data available from the largest database in the world of actual medical procedures, identifies and ranks medical providers for each of the services they provide, as reimbursed via HCPCS codes. The objective? To lower healthcare costs through improved health outcomes. Why Provider Ranking? High-quality medical evidence shows that experience, the number of times a service has been provided by a doctor, is the most significant predictor of outcome, both the benefits of a successful result or the risks of an adverse effect. What does a Provider’s ranking have to do with lowering healthcare costs? A large percentage of healthcare costs are due to poor or ineffective care, unnecessary tests, repeat procedures, complications, and prolonged recovery. High-performing, experienced doctors are far less likely to incur those excess costs.

Now in its second year, Provider Ranking System™ has been enhanced to make the user experience easier and more informative. The new Provider Background Section includes medical school information and year of graduation, group practice and hospital affiliations, the CMS MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System) score, based on process measures used by CMS to adjust reimbursement to a provider. This page also shows the Top 15 comorbid conditions that the Provider’s patients present with, as requested by clients, rather than just the Top 5. The updated Procedure Ranking Section now indicates medical specialty, so you can distinguish between, for example, Orthopedic Surgery vs Sports Medicine, Physical Therapists vs. Chiropractors, who may perform the same service. Lastly, the Specialty Ranking table now provides street addresses. A user can select providers by street to limit them to a group and, within the group, can see the ranking of each provider in the practice, plus patient risk score & MIPS.

Phil Denniston, President of Denniston Data Inc. summarizes, “With this new data, Provider Ranking System™ (PRS) emerges as the leading source of evidence-based information on physician performance, valued by those seeking meaningful insights into their doctors.”

As always, using DataTables™ Software, all of the ranking tables are dynamic databases. Every column is sortable, so you can see which doctor has the highest or lowest average list price compared to approved amount, or the lowest or highest repeat rate for surgeries. The entire table can be filtered by anything, street address, state code, specialty, and you can control how much of the table you see. Eventually, the data tables can be downloaded as pdf files or csv files (to be imported into a spreadsheet program like Excel, or a database for AI).

PRS can be especially helpful with the implementation of the No Surprises Act, and the requirement in Section 114 for health plans to maintain online price comparison tools that will allow patients to compare expected out-of-pocket costs for items and services across multiple providers.

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