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Taking Metaverse Gaming Mainstream with WAX Blockchain

There are a number of video game heavyweights but like everything relating to the metaverse, you need a blockchain platform to open the door to the Metaverse.

AUCKLAND, REGION, NEW ZEALAND, January 12, 2022 / -- The Metaverse, although a single space with an infinite ending, is a different thing to different people. To the social network engineers, the metaverse will revolutionize the way we interact and communicate. To the collectors, they are all about the NFT and other collectibles. To the gamer, it is the games and nothing more. The beauty of the metaverse is that it is immersive and it can accommodate all of these expectations without limits. The only issue that anyone seeking to get into the metaverse might experience is on the part of the blockchain platform they operate from. There are a number of video game heavyweights but like everything relating to the metaverse, you need a blockchain platform to open the door to the Metaverse. As the traditional game moves to the blockchain, it is expected that gaming will become the cornerstone of the metaverse. There are reasons to believe this as metaverse gaming is already in full swing.

WAX and the blockchain gaming boom
Although referred to as the king of NFTs, the WAX Metaverse has found regular use for gamers who are on the lookout for a blockchain to host their games on. Right there in the middle is the WAX blockchain purpose built for the metaverse gaming boom.

Knowing that NFTs and Tokens cannot be divorced from Metaverse gaming, it is not surprising to find out that the Worldwide Asset eXchange™ is the biggest gaming blockchain processing three-quarters of all gaming-related transactions. The beauty of the blockchain gaming boom is that the full potential has not been fully seen. It is an entire sector that will come to do so much for the Metaverse and WAX is ready for that.
Having been instrumental to several games that have shaken the metaverse gaming space, the WAX blockchain is not resting on its oars. There is more to do and it is reaching for the stars.

Play to Earn is the present and future
One of the biggest standouts in metaverse gaming is the play-to-earn model it deploys. Blockchain technology provides the most direct route to a Play-To-Earn economy that is global, inclusive, and organically viral. This allure lends credence to the fact that Play to earn is the present and future of metaverse gaming.

Now, it must be said that play to earn is not entirely a brainchild of metaverse gaming, but what is different in the case of Metaverse games is that the play to earn is an integral part of the gameplay. It is not an additional feature; it is the foundation upon which the gameplay is built.

In the metaverse, it is even better and the WAX blockchain is looking to position P2E gaming not only as fun but as a viable source of continuous income, several projects on different blockchain allow gamers to collect digital assets that can be flipped for fiat cash as well as tokens. Gamers can earn these tokens by playing the game really well. So, whether you are fighting to save humanity or to grow a farming ecosystem, you will be generally earning a token or a digital asset that can be flipped. This is the basis of play to earn.

Having established the basis of earn to play, one of the hindrances that stand in the way is the high technical know-how that is required. Those who must excel in the world of earn to play must be familiar with the terrain of blockchain and must possess a working knowledge of technicalities. This factor alone has discouraged several gamers from getting into metaverse games. WAX is the first blockchain to skip the entire blockchain red tape to give gamers what they truly deserve; a plug and play mechanism where just about anyone can come in and play games of their choice. The good thing is, they can always earn in the process.

Simple does it
Ease is usually not a term associated with metaverse games but The Worldwide Asset eXchange™ is a notable exception. WAX co-founder William Quigley. "We've made it as easy to use as logging into your Amazon account. You can create a blockchain account in two clicks. You don't have to download MetaMask, or some other crypto wallet to use a WAX dApp. Most crypto wallets are still WAY too difficult for a mainstream audience. No private keys to manage. No weird wallets and the WAX Cloud Wallet work on mobile just as easily as it does on your desktop."

The sheer simplicity that the plug-and-play system that WAX offers has endeared it to several metaverse developers and gamers. This simplicity has started yielding fruits as more gamers find the relative ease of the WAX blockchain to suit their needs.

Opening the way for collaboration
In an ecosystem where many entities see collaboration as a declaration of weakness, The Worldwide Asset eXchange™ blockchain is not afraid of collaborating. In order to help gamers who are looking at moving their NFTs across platforms, the WAX bridge was developed. The bridge will allow users to migrate NFTs used in gameplay between the WAX blockchain and the Binance Smart Chain.

This integration means that the GameFi will become better connected and is slated to bring about a greater level of collaboration across the ecosystem. “The NFT bridge built by WAX can build a future we envision, in which blockchain and NFT marketplaces are accessible to everyone regardless of the chain types,” said William Quigley, co-founder of WAX. Although the WAX bridge is expected to go live in the second quarter of 2022, the announcement has caused ripples in the GameFi world already.

vIRL in gaming
WAX vIRLs (virtual and in real life) is already a gamechanger in retail and consumer goods but the deployment of this cutting-edge technology in metaverse games will be revolutionary for users to earn merch and physical collectables to compliment their game play.

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