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Macao opposes content of self-styled report issued by Taiwan region’s mainland affairs council

MACAU, January 8 - The Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR) Government opposes in the strongest possible terms the content of a self-styled analysis report issued lately by Taiwan region’s mainland affairs council.  

The report contains baseless and biased claims about Macao’s development, and is severely lacking in its understanding of the practical situation in Macao and public sentiment in the city. The report is a wanton attempt by the Taiwan region authorities to interfere in Macao’s affairs and make inappropriate commentary about Macao’s social, political and economic progress.

Since its return to the motherland – and with the strong support of the Central Government and the mainland as a whole as well as the leadership of the MSAR Government, along with concerted effort across the community – Macao has maintained social stability and propelled its economy and its people’s well-being. Macao has achieved this by successfully implementing the principles of “One country, two systems”, “Macao people governing Macao” and a high degree of autonomy. Such achievements have won worldwide recognition.

MSAR’s political system has benefitted from substantial development since the city’s return to the motherland. MSAR has gradually optimised relevant electoral systems in accordance with the city’s own characteristics and development needs. MSAR has seen successful completion of elections for seven successive terms of the Legislative Assembly and five elections for the post of Chief Executive. These elections were conducted in a fair, just, open and clean manner, and in line with the Basic Law of the MSAR and relevant election laws.

In Macao, all political rights – such as to protest and to assemble – enjoyed by Macao residents have been fully respected and protected, while news organisations are free to follow their own editorial initiatives. All these factors have illustrated the harmonious coexistence and mutual respect among different voices in Macao.

Being part of China as a special administrative region, it is inevitable that Macao is taking part in the country’s development efforts. Macao devotes utmost effort to taking part in, and integrating with, the country’s development, especially with regard to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The MSAR Government has firm confidence that, under the country’s beneficial initiatives, a brighter future lies ahead.

Currently, Macao is dedicating its all-out effort to advance work in compliance with the principles of “prevent the epidemic, stabilise recovery, safeguard people’s livelihoods, promote diversification, bolster cooperation, and plan for the long term”. Macao will surely open up new horizons and a fresh chapter for development with the firm support of the Central Government and the participation of the whole of the local community.

The MSAR Government has always worked in compliance with the law regarding applications for accreditation by people wishing to work in its office in Macao. But in the Taiwan region, it has not so far been possible to renew accreditation for people wishing to work for the Macao office in Taiwan, or to have issued fresh accreditation for Macao staff wishing to work there on a rotational basis. As a result, the Macao office in Taiwan had to cease operations from 19 June 2021. A 24-hour telephone hotline set up by the Macao Government Tourism Office is available in order to address enquiries and any assistance requested by people from the two places.

The MSAR Government will continue stringently to fulfil its constitutional responsibility to safeguard the country’s sovereignty, security and development interests. The MSAR Government strongly opposes any attempt at inference into Macao’s internal affairs. Macao society will not be affected by any malicious effort made by external forces.

Macao will continue to uphold the Basic Law of the MSAR and the fundamental principles and policies implemented by the Central Government towards the Taiwan region as the basis to proceed on matters between Macao and the Taiwan region. The MSAR Government will keep promoting and deepening people-to-people exchanges and cooperation between Macao and the Taiwan region.