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Jan 3, 2022 - 33 cities worldwide celebrate KAILASA’s SPH Nithyananda day

MONTCLAIR, CA, USA, January 3, 2022 / -- Dignitaries, statesmen, ministers, ambassadors, decision makers and various other representatives from 170 countries joined the 45th birthday celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (SPH) Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam.

Gist of the second discourse delivered by the SPH:

This day KAILASA’s SPH Nithyananda day is dedicated to Paramashiva and Gods and Goddesses of KAILASA and the whole humanity for reviving the ancient enlightened Hindu civilizational nation - KAILASA.

It is time we enrich the whole of humanity for a cosmic law centric lifestyle, aligning ourselves and enriching others to an enlightened consciousness centric lifestyle, which is no more a luxury. It is a survival need.

The only choice that we have in front of us is to wake up and decide to make decisions, policies, based on the cosmic principles revealed in the vedas and agamas and live a consciousness centric lifestyle with enlightened civilizational thought currents so we all coexist.

We have caused almost irreparable damage for the last 100 years to the globe - the only home we have. It is time at least now we wake up and shift our energies towards life positivity, consciousness centric principles towards eternal and enlightened values. We should start looking to protect the whole planet earth.

It is time to look beyond our borders at the whole global family. KAILASA’s effort to unite all the nations is funded to enrich everyone to the highest values. The border that we created based on political, societal, religious, language has lost its meaning.
The global pandemic has taught this lesson to us. It is time to wake up. The global pandemic covid 19 is a warning for all of us to look beyond borders. Passports and visas have no value any more. Currency and bank's hoarding have no value.

The large amount of hatred we built to divide human society based on religious principles, philosophies has no value. One simple virus pandemic, corona taught us too many hard lessons.

Let us not wait for one more pandemic, or nature to give one more clarion call. All of the policies, decisions, solutions have to be from the angle of beyond borders now. It can not be anymore within political, religious ideology, language majoritarianism, minoritarianism, left wing or right wing.

It is time that we wake up to the cosmic principles and align ourselves to the global vision.

SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam urges the world to be wise and not otherwise and bring global principles, consciousness centric principles, eternal values and revive the enlightened civilisational policies on a global level.

Hinduism says very clearly ‘ahimsa paramo dharmah’. Non violence is the ultimate cosmic principle. The natural law of the cosmos functions on ahimsa, non violence and coexistence.

It is time that we all wake up to this truth and apply this principle - whether the simple decision of what you eat for your breakfast or major decisions like external affairs policies with other countries.

KAILASA has initiated projects for uniting nations in more than 108 cosmic principles including ethical environmentalism, disarmament, for protecting ancient enlightened sciences, for protecting unrecognized nations, uniting nations against defamation and hate speech.

KAILASA and SPH have suffered hindumisia attacks, multiple assasination attempts, lawfare, hate speech through large quantities of atrocity material making it impossible to survive.

It is time we focus more on right enlightenment focus policies rather than developing the armies focussed policy, focus on research based on longevity rather than biowar, develop best communication methods at zero cost at the rate of zero seconds rather than creating media trials by major media houses who constantly brainwash showing their opinions based on violence.

All forms of animal rights abuse is violence. All forms of opinionated news is violence all forms of religious conversions is violence. The constitution of KAILASA gives fundamental rights to all beings not just Hindus or human beings, including all living beings to have a right to exist and the right to be treated as the manifestation of Paramashiva.

We need to realize that we can't survive on planet Earth by eliminating all other species. Let us stop treating all other species as utility value for us; not look at animals as good or pleasure or luxury objects. It is time to wake up and treat all beings with not just human rights but with divine rights. KAILASA is striving to present conscious cosmic centric principles as a lifestyle.

With the blessings of Paramashiva, KAILASA does have territory. KAILASA is not just a territory centric nation. It is interested in the whole of humanity and all beings, not just human beings.

It is time we enrich, empower, enlighten ourselves and work for others, especially born, living and practicing Hindus all over the world who are the richest ethnic minority in every country.

It is time that we take the cosmic principles from the Vedagamic constitution and enrich the whole world.

It is not just removing extreme poverty, stopping deforestation, not just protecting animal rights - it is making everyone feel everything is divine!

We need to look at everything, from the principles of the cosmos.

It is time for us to wake up. Let us all resolve with the grace of Paramashiva to stand for the principles he himself revealed in Vedas and Agamas and revive the ancient enlightened civilization and cosmic principles like ‘ahimsa paramo dharmah’ - nonviolence is the ultimate cosmic law - and through this cosmic principle let us protect planet earth - the only home we have.

Let us survive and thrive through coexistence, not just tolerance.

Watch the celebrations and the full discourse by the SPH here:

The Sovereign State of SHRIKAILASA is honored to invite you to KAILASA’s continued Nithyanandotsavam celebrations on January 8, 2022 at 6:30am PT / 9:30am ET / 8pm IST - the grand finale of the celebrations.

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