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10 Things to Know About The Cuddle Sleeve

The Cuddle Sleeve

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, December 30, 2021 / -- 10 Things To Know About The Cuddle Sleeve

Cuddle Sleeve – The Beginning

Stellar Baby’s Cuddle Sleeve™ is the creation of Rachel Jablon Margalit and Sandy Jablon, a mother-daughter team from Phoenix, Arizona. Rachel’s own need inspired the development of the Cuddle Sleeve. In 2004, when the first-time mom found her arm was going numb from holding her baby and propping up blankets was too clumsy, she had the idea for a cushioned sleeve. “I went into my husband’s closet, took one of his flannel shirts, and added some batting to it. Then I took it to my mother’s house,” says Rachel.

As soon as Sandy tried Cuddle Sleeve, she told Rachel, “You’ve got something. This is something every mother needs. It’s a solution to a problem and we’ve got to get it out there.” Rachel saw that her mother was right when she took the Cuddle Sleeve with her while traveling across the country by air. Her baby slept for hours in her arms and other mothers on the airplane wanted to know where to buy one.

From there, Rachel and her mother Sandy Jablon put the prototype sleeve together through trial and error until they hit upon the components that make it what it is today. It was a true metamorphosis as they refined the Cuddle Sleeve’s design and fabric through multiple iterations, taking into consideration feedback from friends who also had babies. Together, Rachel and Sandy formed Stellar Baby LLC. a company that produces and sells Cuddle Sleeves in a variety of colors. Together, Mother and Daughter possess a unique combination of innovative and modern motherhood mixed with a grandmother’s experience and knowledge. What could be better!

Inspiration for Cuddle Sleeve

Although the concept began with physical comfort in mind, it soon became apparent that the Cuddle Sleeve does so much more. Whether it's “fussy time,” feeding time, or just time to bond with and hold your infant, cuddling a baby is important. The Cuddle Sleeve is a direct link to soothing infants, which research has shown is crucial for their healthy development. Rachel and Sandy have received positive feedback from parents who use the Cuddle Sleeve for extra-long cuddling sessions with their children who have special needs, like Down Syndrome, autism, and cerebral palsy.

The Importance of Bonding with the baby

Cuddling and bonding with the baby is the most important thing a parent can do to help with physical, mental, and emotional development,” says Sandy. “There is a lot of research to prove it and as a mother, just know it. Most products require movable parts to perform their function. The Cuddle Sleeve creates a “feeling”, and the only movable part is You. That feeling for baby is a cozy, womb-like cocoon that makes the baby feel secure in arms, as adjusts to the world around him or her. The feeling is pure bliss as soothe and nurture the baby and feel comfortable doing it. In other words, the Cuddle Sleeve is a conductor of Love.

The most important thing can offer the baby is loving arms. The joy, the benefits, and the memories create are golden.

10 Things To Know About The Cuddle Sleeve

1 . The Cuddle Sleeve is a unique, cushioned sleeve worn on the arm to provide cushioned comfort for the mother by relieving arm stress and a cozy cocoon is created for the baby during feeding or cuddling.

2. It alleviates pressure points, especially under the baby’s head which can prevent Plagiocephaly (a flat spot on the baby’s head).

3. It helps calm and soothe the baby because the baby feels warm and snug and secure. (warm it in the dryer!).

4. Becomes a barrier against germs when the baby is in the arms of others (daycare, avoids cross-contamination).

5. Holds on to Mom’s scent when in the care of others.

6. Portable…. folds easily into Diaper Bag to be used everywhere.

7. Promotes bonding, especially for Dads.

8. Helpful for babies with Special Needs, i.e., baby’s wearing helmets, Down Syndrome, Cerebral palsy, or anytime the baby needs to be held for long periods.

9. Machine Washable.

10. Award Winning (several awards).

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