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With 2000+ Successful Hair Transplant Surgeries Profile Forte Become Leading Centre In Ludhiana, Punjab

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Profile Forte Ludhiana Logo

Dr. Vikas Gupta - Ludhiana

Dr. Vikas Gupta - Ludhiana

Profile Forte: Dr. Vikas Gupta has carried many successful hair transplant stories. ‘Leading Centre For Hair Transplant in Punjab:

LUDHIANA, PUNJAB , INDIA, December 27, 2021 / -- Hair Transplant: An “Effective And Safe” Treatment!
The term surgery can make anyone lose their mind, especially if it is in regards to something precious. Hearing horror stories of many patients who have undergone transplant surgery, made up the mind of many to rather try some home remedies or products which is not a permanent solution. Hair transplant is not only an effective way for the restoration of hair, it is also a treatment that ensures safety if done under the guidance of a professional surgeon. Interviewing the surgeons and the staff members can guarantee the reliability of the clinic. “A safe and effective” clinic is created by dedicated team members. Hence the question remains “Why to Choose Temporary Over Permanent Solution?”

Fight The Problem And Boost The Confidence!
Seeing the hair fall on the pillow, bed, and everywhere else has created havoc, it is not only a journey of losing hair but also confidence. Sidelining from important events and low communication skills are some of the effects that are seen. The question that arises is: Where can you gain the confidence back? A centre that provides hair transplant in Punjab with updated technology. Focusing on the looks and appearance and presenting in the world with hyper energy gained from it can bring a new outlook towards the p-perception and work, life, and love.

The findings of the Survey!
Those who have taken the hair transplant as their ultimate hair loss solution gained better employment opportunities, Respect in Society, and good marriage proposals.

A Budget-Friendly Reform!
Change takes time, so does money. Investing money in worthy items and products is always useful for growth and development. Hair transplant surgery is a skilled performance that would cost you money in accordance with the skill of the surgeon and the technology that is used.
Here are a few of the other factors which form the basis of the eventual structure of Hair transplant cost in Ludhiana.
The cause of the hair transplant (Alopecia Areata, Genetic, Age-related etc)
The intensity of the hair loss (How far and speedily is the hair loss progressing)
The best treatment option (FUE, FUT, or the Giga Session)

Technology Revolution And Updates!
With techniques like FUE and FUT hair transplant, the leading hair transplant centre has performed countless successful hair transplant surgery, not only in India but in international countries too including the USA, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE, Nepal and many more. change the look with the help of simple procedures depending on the requirements and regain that lost confidence gain.

A patient requirement while going for surgery is minimal pain and zero complications. The leading hair transplant clinic uses a malleable rubber handle implanter that is specially imported from Turkey which offers “painless and scarless graft implantation”.

Combined Approach of FUE & FUT
No doubt, both the treatment options when used alone are effective. In case, if there is any patient who is going through a severe hair loss or he/she wants something better then the ‘GIGA-SESSION’ is given. In this case, both the option of FUE & FUT are combined for making the results effective and addressing the hair loss problem.

Booming Success Rate
In the medical world, many things grab the user’s attention, and one of the important is the increasing success rate. Whether you talk about FUE or FUT, both options have something better and effective. Talking about FUE, its success rate is around 95%, and for FUT, its success rate is more than 90%. With such an effective treatment plan, its demand is bound to increase with time. Well! It’s about the satisfactory rate which matters a lot and nothing else.

Upshot in the technological wave for an increasing count of ‘Happy Patients’
With everything said, it's one of those treatments whose effectiveness and results cannot be compared with any other hair restoration treatment. Profile Forte has helped many patients to regain self-confidence. As a consequence of that, they witnessed better career opportunities, good mental health, and an ideal partner for marriage. Looks Matter, Afterall!

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