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Mechdyne's TGX Remote Desktop Enables IT Managers to Keep Graphics Workstations Centralized as Remote Work Continues

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TGX Remote Desktop Enables Access to Graphics-Intensive Applications

Mechdyne TGX logo as identifier for advertising and workstation specs.

TGX Remote Desktop Identifier

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Work from home but have access to powerful remote workstations

Remote Engineers, Architects, VFX Producers, Designers, Experience Like-Local Workstation Performance in Centralized, Cloud-based and Hybrid IT Environments

TGX benefits IT management because sensitive data and expensive workstations stay safely in the office while users are able to enjoy workstation-level performance from anywhere they work,”
— David Gsell, General Manager Mechdyne Software Business Unit
MARSHALLTOWN, IOWA, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2021 / -- As remote work continues, or looms again for some organizations, IT Managers must consider operational efficiencies as a part of remote workforce planning. Many organizations have resorted to sending expensive workstations home with users to have the lag-free performance required by their intensive data. Simple and fast access to demanding graphics applications is critical for business continuity and employee productivity, but operational efficiencies can be lost and data security jeopardized when workstations are removed from IT-managed environments.

Mechdyne’s hugely successful remote desktop software, TGX, is designed for graphics-intensive data and video up to 4K (UHD) resolution with little to no latency experienced by remote users. TGX is ideal for work from home (or anywhere) with varying connectivity speeds, often needing less than 30% of the network bandwidth required by competing products. Engineers, scientists, product designers, game creators, sports broadcasters, visual effects specialists, architects, and others are using TGX to access and collaborate with high resolution graphics and 3-D data across town and around the world.

TGX is available for Windows 10 Professional and Win10-based Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux V7 and V8, Ubuntu 18 and 20. TGX also supports macOS High Sierra 10.13 through Big Sur 11.4 on the Receiver client only.

“TGX benefits IT management because sensitive data and expensive workstations stay safely in the office while users are able to enjoy workstation-level performance from anywhere they work,” said David Gsell, General Manager of Mechdyne’s Software Services business unit. “Centralized computers can be easily configured and maintained to support multiple remote users. Version control is greatly improved because users do not have to continuously download and upload files.” said Gsell.

A free trial version of TGX is available at

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