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XcooBee Team to Make Free Digital Menus for Hospitality Available

XcooBee Digital Menu Example

XcooBee Digital Signage

XcooBee free digital menus help restaurants save time, money, and staff while improving guest experience.

... our menus adopt to many digital device formats, are searchable, allow interaction by users, capture data and analytics for the business, and are absolutely free to use.”
— Bilal Soylu
CHARLOTTE, NC, USA, December 21, 2021 / -- XcooBee, the Privacy & Payments Network, announced today the release of smart menus, a milestone project for supporting the hospitality effort. The XcooBee team conducted extensive research on how restaurants and hotels have responded to the pandemic by digitizing many processes. The team discovered that many of these efforts were using poor technology models and adaptions when it came to menu, their primary interface between guest and restaurant. For initial guest interaction, 87% of surveyed restaurants used a PDF or image of their previous paper menu. Eight percent used a restaurant website, and 5% used some sort of order automation as baseline.

According to Bilal Soylu, CEO of XcooBee, “QR menus have an incredible potential to streamline the guest experience, however the actual implementation is normally an exercise in guest frustration. Guests have to pinch zoom, look at poor fonts on small screens, cannot search or interact, and many times need staff assistance because the menu is not accessible on all mobile device-types.”

This motivated the XcooBee team to introduce a free digital menu as a 2.0 version of restaurant menu digitization. “Our menu is truly able to take advantage of QR and contactless experiences,” continued Soylu, “our menus adopt to many digital device formats, are searchable, allow interaction by users, capture data and analytics for the business, and are absolutely free to use. We absolutely save manpower and paper, while improving the guest experience.”

The smart menu system offers more options that guest like to use including the ability for restaurants to add their menu in multiple languages, handle scheduled changes, easily manage dishes at any time, and allow guests to provide feedback on menu. “Finally a menu, that allows the restaurateur to know what the quite majority is thinking and not just rely on the unhappy Yelp crowd. Of course, we also support social media interaction.”

Moreover, the digital menus can be combined with digital signage, replacing the chalkboard at the door. “This should help food trucks as well as restaurants and hotels that want to advertise their menu on big screen in an attractive fashion,” added Soylu. “Our digital menus scale from mobile to large displays, saving effort time, and manpower.”

The free-digital menus are available now and users can explore and signup from the XcooBee website directly in two minutes or less. It is simple, and there is no credit card is needed to create and activate XcooBee digital menus:

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