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Transportation Secretary Jimmy Wriston featured on WVDOT podcast

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Wriston will discuss the strides made by the Department of Transportation and the West Virginia Division of Highways during 2021.

Wriston has been inspired by Gov. Jim Justice's vision as the driving force behind the new Department of Transportation through programs like the $22.8 billion Roads to Prosperity highways maintenance and construction program. Gov. Justice has worked closely with the Department of Transportation and the West Virginia Legislature to make sure the department has the tools it needs to carry West Virginia into the future.

"You're going to see a 2022 that is going to be a milestone year for West Virginia," Wriston said. "I think that's the year the rocket ship clears the clouds, as the governor would say."

Wriston said the hard work put in by the Department of Transportation since 2017 really came to fruition in 2021. "We made an investment," he said. "The return? You're seeing it out there on the highways today."

Wriston expects 2022 will be an even more productive year for the Department of Transportation and the state as a whole.

Among the accomplishments Wriston discusses on the podcast:

        • ​​The complete revitalization of the Department of Transportation.

Returning to an emphasis on maintenance.

Providing employees the tools, systems, and support to take pride in their careers.

Creation of a centralized data collection system for better decision-making.

Working together with the Legislature, other state agencies and the private sector toward common goals.

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