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Ending the Disgrace of Dismemberment Abortion

NEBRASKA, March 2 - Ending the Disgrace of Dismemberment Abortion

By Governor Pete Ricketts

March 2, 2020


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Nebraska is a pro-life state that respects the dignity of human life.  You can see it in everything from how Nebraskans care for their neighbors to how legislators fight to protect preborn babies.  While we have made great strides over the years, we have more work to do.  You may be surprised to learn this: It is still legal in Nebraska to perform dismemberment abortions.


Thankfully, State Senator Suzanne Geist is taking steps to end this horrific practice.  This session, she has introduced a bill (LB 814) to end the brutal practice of dismemberment abortion in Nebraska.  This type of abortion usually takes place between 13 and 24 weeks of pregnancy.  The barbaric procedure literally rips apart a preborn child, piece by piece, to destroy the life of the baby. 


Developmentally, babies make incredible strides between 13 and 24 weeks.  Early in this stage, a baby’s sex becomes clear.  During this window of time, little boys or girls start to move their eyes, and they begin to hear.  Around 16 weeks, an ultrasound can detect them moving their arms and legs.  A few weeks later, a baby will begin to suck his or her thumb.  Babies born prematurely at the end of this stage (24 weeks) have a survival rate of around 60-70%.  Improvements in neonatal care are constantly increasing these odds as well as making survival a possibility even earlier in a pregnancy.


Imagine watching a sleeping baby girl peacefully suck her thumb inside of her mother’s womb.  Then consider the horror of seeing that same baby girl flail her tiny arms and legs as an abortionist uses forceps to clutch at her body.  If you could stomach the sight, you would see the baby’s life gruesomely destroyed as the abortionist dissevered her body, bit by bit, grasping and crushing her little skull as part of the process. 


Dr. Kathi Aultman is a retired, board-certified Ob/Gyn and a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists with more than 35 years of experience.  She has both received an abortion and performed many of them, including dismemberment abortions.  Her experiences working as an abortionist, as well as giving birth to a baby of her own, convinced her of the cruelty of dismemberment abortion.


Dr. Aultman testified at the Legislature’s hearing on LB 814 in support of the bill.  “A major benefit of this legislation is that it will spare mothers the agony and guilt of knowing that they consented to a procedure which caused their child to be torn limb from limb while it was alive,” she said. “It also protects medical personnel from the emotional trauma of knowing they assisted in this gruesome procedure on a live baby.”


Dr. Aultman’s concerns are echoed by other abortionists who testify of the psychological trauma that they and their staffs underwent after performing dismemberment abortions.  During a dismemberment abortion, the baby’s severed limbs and other tissues are placed on a tray.  Medical staff then have to account for each piece to make sure no parts of the body remain inside the mother to cause infection.


Kristen New formerly worked as a counselor for three years at abortion clinics, and she also testified in support of Senator Geist’s bill.  Kristen witnessed a dismemberment abortion up close.  She held the hand of the mother about to have the procedure as she was sedated and put to sleep.  Kristen then eyed the ultrasound screen as the abortion occurred.  She could not endure watching its brutality and had to excuse herself from the room.  After the abortion ended, she insisted on seeing the baby’s dead body.  Looking at the boy’s once-perfectly formed body, now pulled apart and clinically arranged on a tray, disgusted and horrified her.  The sickening experience motivated her to quit her job.


These stories make a compelling case for ending this method of abortion.  Senators have the opportunity this session to act quickly and decisively to end this horrendous form of abortion.  The Judiciary Committee is expected to vote on this bill this week.  I encourage Nebraskans to contact their State Senators to voice support for LB 814.  Their information can be found at  If you have questions about LB 814, I invite you to contact me by email at or by phone at 402-471-2244.