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The Abrahamic Business Circle's Investment Summit 2021, (from left to right) H.H.E.Dr.Dr.h.c. Raphael Nagel, H.E. Mohamed Al Ali and Prof. Milan Krajnc, PhDD, HcDD

“Distinguished Mentor Award, 2021”

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, December 14, 2021 / -- The Abrahamic Business Circle celebrates the recognition of excellence at the Investment Summit 2021, Let Money Talk which was held last December 8, 2021 at TAJ-Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The award is given to worthy high-profile individuals or institutions that deserve all the praise for a remarkable accomplishment. It is a prestigious honor that serves to recognize the best of the best of influential people.

The Abrahamic Business Circle bestowed the “Distinguished Mentor Award, 2021” recognition to Prof. Milan Krajnc, PhDD, HcDD in SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION CATEGORY, whose mentorship has been recognized in global scale which contributed greatly to the new economy in preparing business leaders managing any disruptive or unexpected situations.

Prof. Krajnc is the developer of business management model, “Dynamic Leadership Model”, an exceptional method for helping companies and individuals by using the laws of nature. He has written nearly 400 books where you can find at the Library of Milan Krajnc. And for more than 15 years, he privately practices as a psychotherapist helping people to achieve their dreams.

Prof. Krajnc is an expert in solving the challenges that arise from the interaction of different personality types within a company or organisation. He is trained for personal advising, psychology, marketing, negotiation and lobbying at organisations of any size and scope, from local to national levels. Also, he is an expert on the State psychology and local authorities. At the event as one of the Keynote Speakers, he talks about the Blockchain Mindset, wherein an exclusive interview with Nousheen Mukhtar, Prof. Milan said that Blockchain Technology support business process that is similar to the nature process. A process that is pure, transparent and no manipulation. This new technology is good for the mindset and to one’s life perspective. The psychological changes that come with it, is that it brings a clear mind and with it comes a clear feeling, then it will give in turn a clear mind and feeling for investments.

The award was given personally by H.E. Dr.Dr.h.c. Raphael Nagel and H.E. Mohamed Al Ali and together celebrated with other guests and members of The Abrahamic Business Circle.

H.E. Dr.Dr. Raphael Nagel, is the founder and chairman of The Abrahamic Business Circle and his vision is to bridge opportunities by steadfastly promoting Economic Diplomacy through business.


About The Abrahamic Business Circle:
The Abrahamic Business Circle promotes economic diplomacy through business founded and chaired by H.E. Dr.Dr.h.c. Raphael Nagel. The global networking group provides its members with a worldwide network of contacts to raise capital, buy and sell companies, locate potential investments, joint-ventures, distribution channels and new clients. The organization is apolitical and areligious group.

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